What If All of Them Actually Showed Up? (Preachers Preach and Teachers Teach)

Suppose in the course of inviting thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of people to church that they actually showed up?

Suppose the good guys, the bad guys, the hobos and bums and prostitutes and drug addicts and bankers and lawyers and doctors and policemen and the well-to-do and the homeless were all to show up for church seeking salvation—what would we do?

And there we have it in its totality.  If all the people who are down trodden and those seeking the ultimate in spiritual truths we would do—nothing any different than occurs now.

There would be music, a sermon, an offertory, altar calls and probably a high mention of a building fun to house all the new members.

All of the people would be categorized, rounded-up more or less for the married, the singles, the divorcees and overcomers and the women’s club and geriatrics, and toddlers and teens and the men’s bible study, etc.

You see, nothing would really change. The congregant would determine some mechanism, some type of apparatus to house the masses to simply continue what they were already doing.

There would be no discussion of rallying up this army to go OUT THERE where we should all be doing just as Christ commanded!

If they all showed up, we’d see nothing any different than what we see now.  There would really be no changes to society as society would not even notice as it would have mostly NO EFFECT on or in our communities.

With our masses assembled, we’d possess our armies, our crusaders, the laborers that are all indeed needed, but nothing would change. Nothing would change and that’s probably why the army fails to appear among our churches.  Our churches are passive.  They sit idly by and pay the staff to perform the word that Jesus requires us to do.

The idea of harvesting resources and dividing it out among those who need it would elude the leadership.  NO, they’d want it for more staff and once again, for an inanimate building. The concentration of energies and resources for the nurturement of people would be eclipsed by the vanity of sheer numbers. For the truth of this is we already possess some of these armies, these spiritual warriors among our mega-churches and we know where they gather.  They gather not in the communities that need them, but in large, massive buildings that soak up all the monies that could be serving those who need it most.

So in answer to the question about what would we do if thousands upon thousands of people assembled at the doorways of our churches?  We’d really do nothing, nothing really at all for our world would be exactly the same as before.


2 thoughts on “What If All of Them Actually Showed Up? (Preachers Preach and Teachers Teach)

  1. If you keep up this attitude, you will be well loved by the community you serve. Too, I believe Christ will smile upon you for heeding his commandments. I am sure you and your family are going to be a real treasure to your church. Look, I love the kind people of most churches. However, they are missing it when it comes to doing what our Lord has told us to do. So when you read my blogs, know I am not against the church but we are miles apart when ti comes to priorities of the ministry. Thank you for reading my blog and may God Bless you


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