Beyond Words

At least one feature of modern civilization is the engagement of ideas through the use of words. Expanded upon that now is through the use of computers, videos and other media devices that elucidates concepts as purposed by man.

One of those tools is the Holy Bible.  Aside from the Bible we have endless books, pamphlets, essays and others that involve oratory skills.

In fact, we embrace so much of these, it could be said that we have ad nauseam, a perpetual river of ways and means to understand God.  There seems to be more ‘experts’ on God and His divine nature than on any other topic.

This being the case, we should have the Godliest nation in the world, but almost the opposite is true.

Oh, we have our various doctrines, and tenets, our catechisms and viewpoints, at times engraved in stone.  But what we lack—is the conscious action and results that go beyond words.

In fact, I attest that the summation of our words means less about us in opposition as to what we actually do that states for us who we are.

To this degree it is not so important about what we say as to what we do.  Taking this even further, words mean almost nothing at all.  Actions speak for themselves.

Thus, it is NOT how much scripture I know or can quote, it is how much scripture I can live and produce by example of my discipleship.

While it is a virtue to study, to learn and to grow in wisdom by use of our mind, it is even more virtuous to provide legacies about our behaviors—what we do.  In this manner, I’m speaking in terms of our behaviors to others in service to them.

This would indicate that teaching (learning) is only one have of the equation—that doing via behavior is the other half and if possible, the more important half.

In other words, it is not important that we demonstrate to others how important or smart we are with our words, it is imperative not to lip-sync behaviors, but to actually do them.

Yes, we can read about it and it all sounds wonderful, but to experience those perceptions by living them one-to-one is the interaction of life itself. The difference is as such that it means that we experience Christ and know Christ through his church as opposed to knowing of Christ through words.

Last, if I were a doctor, a surgeon, and you needed surgery, would you want me to merely read a medical manual about the procedure, or to actually perform the surgery for real.  Trust me.  I believe you’d want a lot more than mere words.




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