Posted April 22, 2010 05:53 pm



It is so easy to dismiss the presence of God, His Church and the work that is daily performed. In fact, it seems that the secular world takes a full time job doing nothing but making fun of the endeavors of the Christian church. A strong sense of history would paint another picture: the more recent history of Nazi Germany with the almost total removal of the church. There, we witnessed the cold, black hearts of men when the removal from God was off the agenda and where the plate rapidly filled with lawlessness, criminality, death and destruction of millions—most which were innocent except for the one fault of being born. Almost identical to Germany was the absence of God in the atheistic communistic rule in the previous Soviet Union. The bones of millions that fell by the wayside are testimony to precepts that are dictated by societies in the absence of God. We might remember our friend Mao in China. In excess of 30 million perished. There is Cambodia where once again, millions expired in the Pot regime, all in the absence of a creator with moral laws. We see the expressions of man doing things ‘His way: drive by shootings, drugs, robbery, murder, and even worse crimes. And in the thick of all of this: the church takes a hit because it believes in the incorruptible of Jesus, the Christ. Jesus is the man who espoused God as the epitome of love and a love which was to serve and to yield, not murder nor maim. In the absence of God, we have reached our pinnacle with greed and a hunger for avarice. We dispose of people of who are no longer useful, reject patience, detest honor and castigate those that attempt to make life better, the world a better place to reside. In the absence of God, we have ‘rights’, we have demands, insistence, and the total lack of responsibility. In the absence of God, we blame God; blame his church for the failures of the world. Isn’t it so convenient to prop up the scars and blemishes we have imposed on ourselves to a scapegoat? In the absence of God, we find rebellion and deceit. We witness imposters, false promises, lies, and in the end, we have destruction. Finally, in the absence of God, we see ourselves all alone, with nothing to hold on to but the loss of our heritage and the sins of our handiwork. I find anything better, anything welcome in our lives, but the total absence of God. At the rate we are going, soon, we might also be absent as well. For soon, we will no longer recognize the world that we have created in the total absence of God.


2 thoughts on “IN THE ABSENCE OF GOD

  1. Sadly many of our species in the flesh, take from the Church what they object to and discount it wholly
    If I would take the time and with guidance through prayer, I find in, myself the blessed capacity for the love available to me.


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