When God doesn’t do what we want Him to do

Okay, here is the pitch: we want God to stop war, suffering, hunger, hatred, sickness, injury, mayhem and any other displeasing thing or event.

Aside from strong evidence that God has assisted us over and over again in fighting the bad guys in stupid wars, we remain defiant to God, even denying His existence.

I find that last poser rather amusing. You see, we remain angry at a God we say does not even exist, knowing all the while that He does.

This is so true that when God doesn’t do what we want Him to do, we rebel, deny, curse, repel, distance ourselves==anything but face up to the Truth of God.

We come to believe that Man invented medicines, when it was God that created all things.

That Man created computers, automobiles, technologies and all the other material ‘things’ we have come to love and enjoy.

Never mind the fact that it was God who put all these things there for our use, we credit man and not God.

In the process, we clench our fist and stomp our feet at God when our loved ones are taken away from us.  Our behavior is similar if we are passed over for a promotion or a new job or fail to get that new car or home or girlfriend or status.

And even when all of the above is attained and fulfilled, the receivers ‘forget’ God for now they believe they don’t need Him.

The residual result is identical and the same: We detest our creator, our maker.  We blame God for the behavior of man insisting all alone that we have freedom and autonomy.  And repeating the cycle all over again:  when things don’t go our way, we blame the God of whom we say doesn’t exist.


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