Wiping out the Bad Guys

With a population of the earth in excess of 7 billion people, we’d all be better off if we could eliminate the bad guys.

So let’s say for purposes of discussion we have at least 2 billion bad guys on earth.  Now, really—that’s a lot of bad guys and a whole lot of people.

But practically speaking, you and I know this would not rid the world of trouble for we’d still have over 5 billion.

Destroying another 4 billion bad guys would still live us with 1 billion which is a remarkable number of people.  Again, we know this would not solve our problems.

So then, let’s erase 9/10ths of them just to have enough people to keep things going.

This would probably work out for a short while, but eventually, our strife with one another would re-emerge.

Okay.  Now.  As I see it, I’ll wipe out everyone but me.  I’m then, the only guy left but after much introspection I determine I’m probably not all that good either so I bump myself off leave—no one!  OF course, logic would dictate that NO bad guys would exist, none would be around and the earth would indeed be a perfect paradise.

And I think it comes to that we ever we wonder about God and why so much evil dwells with us.  As of yet, God hasn’t gotten rid of all the bad guys for really, no one would be left.

Thus, we are left with a terrible dilemma. Lo, I put forth an answer.  And that answer is that we should focus on our self and make sure we don’t fit into that category as a bad guy. In erasing our self from that category, we concentrate more like Jesus in order to make this world a better place.  And in the meantime, we’ll leave all the bad guys to God.


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