A Little Lower than Angels

Often in conversation we are told and repeat how Powerful and Wonderful God is.  We say that God can do anything, or that he is Holy or Everywhere at once and many, many, other things that are magnificent.  Well, yeah…Of course, He is.  He’s God.

We also often also hear how God is so big that He can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!  Well, yes, He can.  Again, He is God so of course He can!

Yet, the truth of it is:  HE DOESN’T !  No, most of the time, our Father in Heaven doesn’t do any or all of the things we say HE can do.

WE are the ones that are supposed to do it.  WE are the ones who are to feed His sheep, tend to the sick, visit those in prisons, provide water, clothes, shelter, etc.

Jesus didn’t say His father was going to do it, He asked US to do it! And He said if we did it to the LEAST of them, it would be to HIM.

Come on, now.  IF good things happen, we say it is GOD.  If bad things happen, again God is to blame.  In other words, it is God, God, God—no matter the outcome and clearly the responsibility is on us!

Remember, we are the ones a little lower than angels.  And too, even though we are frail and only human, Paul said, “My grace is sufficient unto you in weakness.”

It is not in strength, but in weakness.  God is the ultimatum in strength, but He asks us to trust Him in order for US to do His work.

And whenever we speak of these bold-face lies about what God will do for us rather than us do it—attempting to give God respect and credit, it backfires.  And the reason it backfires is that God does not need for us to tell Him who He is.  He knows who he is.  He doesn’t need us to perform miracles, we need Him for us to do it.

What I am saying is that we should quit insulting God with all this phony praise and get busy in obedience in what He tells us to do.

And what does He tell us to do?

To emulate all His wonderful attributes:  Yes, we should be everywhere in all occasions.  We should assist the poor and feed the weak and tend to the homeless and love our neighbor and do ALL the stuff that we say that God is.

And no, I won’t back away from what I am saying.  WE all know how wonderful God is:  now it is our turn to demonstrate how wonderful God is through us, His church!


One thought on “A Little Lower than Angels

  1. Image. We bear the image of God. If you have trouble seeing him, it is either because your sight suffers or because we are not bearing his image. Oh… and even just his image has a profound impact on the world he made… (Rom, 8:19 – among many others that could demonstrate this).

    Thanx for the kick-in-the-pants post.


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