The Lord is NOT His Name

The Lord is NOT His Name:  Here are 16 of them

The above is not the exhaustive list of God’s name, but it would do for a start.  To begin:  the name ‘god’ is a title not a name.  Lord is the same:  it is merely a title and one imposed when translating the title in English.  In fact, I think this title is the worst as it refers merely to a person on earth and not deity.

So then, what is in a name?  Of course, you are the same as me.  We were raised with speaking of either Jesus or His father as Lord. That seems natural to us and we mean no harm in speaking it in this way.

Actually, we could say that we aren’t even to speak His name as it is forbidden.  At least it was in ancient days and when a name was attributed to Him then it was only four letters containing no vowels.  In order to make a word out of it, we say Yahweh or Jehovah, but in reality, only four letters.

Again, what’s in a name?  What if our friend, Jesus merely referred to us by the title of Human?  What if this non-specified name were addressed to us our entire lives? Wouldn’t most people assume that there would be an entire lack of respect as a result? Most of us desire for people to personalize our names.  In doing so, we demonstrate respect.

I think the same is true for the person who is our God, Elohim or Eloheem. It is also nice to know that if we call upon his name then He will answer us.  Finally, we are instructed to pray, in the name of the Father.  How much more respect can we show when we call him by name?  Possibly we could also conclude that in this sense, there is everything in a name, for there is no name more wonderful than His, our God Elohim.


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