In the years of yesterday, a guy might stand out by the corner screaming out the headlines in efforts to sell the newspaper.  In this modern age it’s no big deal as we hear breaking news all the time 24-7.

Perhaps nothing could be encourage than to read our Bible.  For instance:  go to any church and more than likely they’re going to explain the heroics of Moses or Johan or Daniel or David or any number of Biblical greats.  Now then, these are all great epic stories which will last for our duration of history.

At this moment, it is our turn.

Can you imagine?

Instead of living our life, we read our life.

Instead of knowing God, we merely read about Him.

We read about Jesus and His miracles.

No, we don’t need to feed the hungry or cure the lame.  We don’t even need to go to the hospital.  We can sit at home or at church and read about being healed.

By now, I’m sure you are getting the picture.  Life is NOT a summation of our writing or our efforts to read.  And neither is God.

The truth is:  I know very little about God.  In fact, I know very little about God even though I read the Bible daily and have done so for years.

Now hear this:  My true life changing experience with God came about and continues to come about as we exchange the attributes, the true character of God through His church which is you!

In other words, I really know about God and know God because of you.  To see God’s character, I see yours.  At least the potential and no, I can’t read about it to know.

I can’t read about a great fantastic meal.  I have to eat it in order to know the experience.

Won’t a woman tell a man that about giving birth?  Can’t he woman truly say that the man can’t know the experience of giving birth as man has never done it?  Of course, the woman can say it and she’s right as well.

The man could retort:  well, I’ve read about the experience or saw many videos on it.  Naturally, the man would be amiss to think he truly understood.

And so it is with God. Yes, education of God is good, but living the experience of God is much better.

However, merely writing about helping people is pure nonsense for it helps no one.  That’s like thinking I can simply write a blog and that my duty is done.

That would be stupidity.  And if I remember correctly, being a Christian and yielding to the Holy Spirit is something like the birth pangs of a woman.  The true experience of living, of doing, is painful and requires death to our body and birth to our spirit as our salvation is worked out day to day.

Even in knowing you.  I don’t want to merely read about you.  NO, I want to actually know you.  That is so much better and satisfying that reading about you or hearing about you in the news.


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