Get Yourself a Job

Job 38-41 New International Version (NIV)

The Lord Speaks

38 Then the Lord spoke to Job out of the storm…

Insomuch we could probably make an effective argument that God was playing with Satan and using Job as a pawn, we can never argue that God enjoyed the fact that Job was suffering.

Notice here that God spoke through a storm.  This was anything but a clear day.  In other words, it was not a Mr. Roger’s neighborhood.

The truth be known, Job had every good reason in the world to complain, and of course, complain he did.  Who wouldn’t have in his situation?

Yet, in all of my 68 years on this earth I have yet to see one illustration for anyone every wanting to be in the shoes of Job.  Too, we NEVER see a photo of him in all his misery and enduring like a champ, all the while encouraging us to do the same. No, more often than not, we avoid Job for we don’t want to be attached to the mission of Job too much.  Sure, sure we all complain that we are facing trails just like Job, but then again, we know better.

The merit here is that rather than whining and complaining all the time, we should get down to earth and get a good Job.

If we had a Job in our midst, then we could put all the hard stuff on HIM!  Since we already know the end of the story, we can hoot, howler and rave for our man, Job, the good guy who will win in the end.  Then again, where he did get new children, how do you really replace the first ones?  Wow.  They must have really been some bad kids.

But sure, we know the routine.  WE all love David and Goliath.  We love Jonah and the whale and Daniel and the Lion’s den and naturally, we love too the three friends in the fire.  We love all that good stuff just as we love Job.  And we love them all because it was THEM that did all that rather than us.  Sure, I don’t wish any of that on anyone.  How about trying out raining fire down on idols in spite of drowning the wood with water?  How about many or even ANY of that stuff.

And the truth is, no.  We won’t do it cause we can’t do it and we can’t do it because we lack that type of faith or special relationship those prophets possessed.  All I say is that we should admit it.  When it comes to faith: w e such.

When it comes to suffering like Job, other than making a good write-up or perhaps a good movie, we such at suffering too. The answer:  We should get ourselves a good Job so that he could do it all for us. Clearly, we are not up to the task


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