“I Would Never Do That” (I Am Not Like That)

In the discovery of the diary of Hermann Goering, historian thought they would have a field day about a man who was obviously warped and deranged.  However, after studying his writings, it was discovered that Goering wrote about all the things a normal person would to include concern for his family.

Ancient Biblical Kings too, when approached about the evil they would do disclaimed their nature to do so.  However, when it was all over, the prophets were correct and many horrendous deeds were done under the authority of the kings.

To paraphrase Faust, he stated that if he were to be examined for all the evil deeds he had committed inside his head, then he would be found Guilty of them all.

We say we wouldn’t lie or steal or kill.

Hosea and Amos tells us that even God would rip out the babies of pregnant women to avenge the evil deeds done against God. In actuality, here, God didn’t literally do this, but it was a metaphoric expression to mean that the people would be killed and brought to ruin.

But with us as people here on earth, we utter,  that no, we would never rip out an unborn baby from the womb of the mother, yet it is done all the time through abortions.  In fact, in this country many profess this is as a fundamental right of a woman to do so.

However, if a child is lost in the course of a crime against the woman and the fetus dies, then that person is charged with murder.

Like Peter, we would NEVER deny Jesus.  However, we do it daily.  We crucify the good name of Jesus by insisting on our own way of doing things.  We carry our modern swords, cutting off body parts that are not immediately healed.

No, we would never do that.

But, of course we would do that.  Of course, we will lie, cheat and steal to come out ahead.  We’ll perform our wicked deeds in the cloak of darkness.  That is why we lust and then divorce.  Why we covet and sin and claim our innocence through praise and song.

We do all of this and more and then point to the world as an example of darkness.

We blame our emotions and the devil and the environment and childhood and any other alibi we can muster to fault anything but ourselves.

In the end, even though we are the worthless rags as the Bible says we are:  Jesus is still willing to accept us.

And in order to be drawn to Jesus by our Father, we must first admit that we are as bad as they come and yes, we would do anything to advance ourselves and need an intercessor to redeem us.

And in admitting the sin that separates us from our Father, Jesus washes us of all the bad things we say we are not and transforms us into a spiritual entity that is acceptable to our Father in Heaven.

In knowing that we are capable of any type of sin or transgression, we should know that is all the more reason we need Jesus to step in the gap to recuse us.

So before vowing all the things we say we won’t or wouldn’t do.  Examine all the wrong we have already done and envision how bad we can truly be.  The only answer we have left is to surrender to the power of God’s Holy Spirit.  In this way we can begin the first steps of being all the things we truly should be.


3 thoughts on ““I Would Never Do That” (I Am Not Like That)

  1. Examine all the wrong we have already done and envision how bad we can truly be.
    ^ Or as Bishop Noel Jones has said, “Everybody in here, no matter how sanctified they talk, can be dangerous. Everybody in here can wreck homes, wreck lives, tear up emotions.”

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