Mercy or Justice?

Romans 5:8

King James Bible
But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Whenever we are grieved or possess an injury from others, our demands are for justice.  We demand justice from the courts, from our neighbors, businesses, schools and yes, even from the churches.

Our wails and moans are loud and clear:  WE, it is WE who are hurt and demand justice!  How DARE society treat us this way! We petition the newspapers, the courts and finally, we take our suit to God; at this point, we are humble and meek, requesting an audience with our maker to intervene on our behalf.

The flip side to this:  If it is US who have caused the mayhem and injury.  If it is us then we are remorseful.  We claim naivety: we pledge repentance and in short, we fall to our knees in order to AVOID justice for it is not justice that we then seek:  we then seek MERCY!

Jesus gave us a new commandment to cover these events. Love one another as I have loved you as you love one another.  And still: love your neighbor as yourself.

To complicate matters from a legalistic approach and in attempts to wiggle out of our responsibilities, we state:  Well, he’s no neighbor of mine so the rule doesn’t apply.

I suppose too, in like manner, that we are NOT God’s neighbor either, but still, we seek mercy from him in our petitions.

Finally, it comes down to the point where we should hope that justice is not invoked on us for if it were, then we would be doomed.  If we really, truly received what we should receive then, we would be found GUILTY! 

Death would be our sentence for our sins against our Father and this wouldn’t even cover the sins against our brothers.

In other words:  don’t be in such a hurry to be heard for justice.  To play it smart:  always seek mercy—to include forgiving your brother as yourself.


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