Look at this Pig

Luke 7:34-36

34The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Look at this glutton and drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and of sinners!’ 35But wisdom is vindicated by all her children.” 36Then one of the Pharisees invited Jesus to eat with him, and He entered the Pharisee’s house and reclined at the table.…

How often have you heard that someone couldn’t picture Jesus smoking a cigarette?  Well, I can’t think of Jesus driving a BMW either or a whole lot of things.

I can’t imagine Jesus operating a cola machine or flying in an airplane or dressing up in a suit or burping out loud or voting or playing a game of basketball or many, many other things that you and I think is natural.

If Jesus were to roam the earth today, yes I could see him drinking a Budweiser or snacking at KFC or even hiking through the Appalachian Trail or downtown huddled with the homeless and unemployed and deranged.

Funny though: I don’t envision him on Joel Osteen’s program, or Kenneth Copeland’s tv show and many, many others.

The real sad part of it is that I can’t imagine Jesus attending really ANY of our churches for truly for the most part, I don’t believe His spirit is there. Heck, they wouldn’t let Him come anyway if he were to bring His beer.

I see Jesus in the hospitals, on battlefields, in droughts and famines, and no, I don’t believe he’d attend any high school proms or visit the World Series.  All in all, I could see him around the burning barrels where workers and the aged and infirm commune together along with, once again, the homeless.

I can envision Jesus with the children.  I see Him in particular with sick children, children all over the world.  And no, once again, I can’t see Jesus rapping or singing country music or any of the other nonsense we do and think is important.  For sure, he’d sing gospel, but it would probably lack the fireworks and smoke bombs and other such staged acoustics and visuals.

I can see our friend Jesus at Joe’s Bar.  I see him with drug addicts and prostitutes and those who suffer and have been crippled by the actions of life.

Finally, I can see Jesus hosting a big, big barbeque, inviting all to come, replete with everything like corn on the cob, beer, iced tea, baked beans and fresh bread and luscious potato salad and great big, chocolate cakes and ice cream.

The children here, the deeds—all of which justifies what Jesus is all about is celebration.  We would celebrate health and food and companionship and goodness and purity and holiness—all demonstrated, illustrated by our friend, Jesus.

Surely, there would be those who would deride him, but for all of us who know His spirit, we would go to His feast just to be around Him if only for a short time.


One thought on “Look at this Pig

  1. SsssssellllllllAAAAAAMMMMM!

    Great post!

    Yeah, I see Jesus at the party. Lots of parties. Weddings, holidays, all that. Even fish fry’s on the sea shore with 5000 of his closest bums (I mean friends).

    I see him going to church, alright. But once he is there, I see the demons that are already there shrieking in fear and agony, begging him not to torment them (see Mark 1:21-28). Or I see him throwing tables around once he gets inside. So, actually, yeah, I see him in church alright, but he don’t play nice there!

    But he sure is sensitive to the broken, the lowly, the sinners and tax collectors and other bums.

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