A Day of Euphemisms (non-practicing Christians)

A Day of Euphemisms (non-practicing Christians)

I suppose some equivalents of un-documented immigrants would be:

Un-documented Pharmacists = Drug Dealers

Non-practicing Jew = hypocrite (the same as for a Christian)

Non-documented Banker = Bank Robber

Custodian = Janitor

Sanitation Engineer = Garbage Collector

I won’t even go into all the various ‘challenges’ we have in reference to inabilities or disabilities, but the low-down of any or all of this is that we believe that somehow renaming something changes the essence of that entity.  Of course, it does not.

There is no real substitute for the word sinner.  I guess you could refer to them as ‘to be atoned’ or some other stupid phrase as such, but in the end the terrible destruction and deeds performed by such is the same.

How can you make the reference:  God hated Hitler’s Sin, but not Hitler?  The two are the same.  The dumb idea of hating the sin, but not the person was generated by Mahatma Gandhi, but it is NOT biblical.

The idea here is that by separating what people do by changing words, that then somehow or someway, the damage they perform becomes less.  Of course, this is total rubbish. What more is a person that the total summation of their actions?  And when people are no longer able to perform actions, we are usually considered dead for even breathing itself is an action.

Yet, I believe we could argue successfully that a non-practicing Christian is NOT a Christian at all.  Okay, let’s take this to logical extremes for sake of argument.

What is a:

Non-practicing murderer?

Non-practicing Liar?

Non-practicing Husband?

Non-practicing Cook?

You see, we could go on all day with this, but the results do not change.  If it walks like a duck, quakes like a duck, then it must be…




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