It’s all about Food


Agent X has this part right.  Man is separated by God and His people by a lunch counter.

Sometime around 1960 when I was around 12 years old, I ran across a lunch counter in downtown Jacksonville that had one section that said: white only and still another which stated:  colored.

For the life of me, this didn’t seem right and so then when I asked about it on the white section side, I was told the reasoning.  Indignant with the answer, I left my stool and went over to the colored section and sat down.

Yes, I was surprised when the ‘negro’ waitress refused to wait on me, saying I was in the wrong section.  However, after deliberating for some time with the waitress and with encouragement from nearby whites, I was eventually waited on and ate my meal in peace.

That was at an infamous downtown Woolworth that later was the scene refer to as ‘Axe handle’ Saturday where protestors were met with the throngs of baseball bats and axe handles.

In these areas of confrontation, albeit the Passover, an Easter Sunday Feast or on any other occasion, the inclusion or separation of people is always in reference to God.

Food is the subsidence by which we remain alive: along with oxygen and other essentials. However, we must spearhead this all with Our Daily Bread and our daily bread again, comes from God.

So then, this food is both spiritual and physical.  The spiritual food is our standard: that which provides our moral compass to our spirit, soul and body whereas physical food is necessary for our physical body and brain.

In peace, in war and in strife.  Our existence is owed to the fact that God permits our existence.  To that end, we must eat and in most occasions, eat among others.  In peace or in strife depends upon the Lord

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