Of course, Jesus wasn’t serious about…


Any empirically based Western Societal individual knows how the bible is filled with scriptural passages of hyperbole.

Naturally, when Jesus tells us to love our enemy he wasn’t serious; instead, he was speaking in exaggeration. No, he didn’t really mean we should forgive our brother 7 times 70 or to give our coat when someone stole from us, demanding our cloak.

Jesus certainly wasn’t insane.  He didn’t really mean for us to actually love our enemy but to strive for greater agape love.

Jesus didn’t really mean for us to hate our mother and father and to give to bums, the homeless and the poor for surely, he meant for all to prosper by working for a living.

Jesus couldn’t really have meant for us to love a God with all our heart, a God of whom we fail to see:  a God that requires so much.  Clearly, God knows we must spend most of our energy attempting to pave out a living.

Again, it must have been hyperbole for Jesus to explain we should take up a cross—to follow him, to deny ourselves, to do without and to store our rewards in a place we cannot verify.

Any Christian fool knows that all of Jesus spoke about is virtue, but His virtues are only noble aspirations for beings higher than human and only for some day when we live in a perfect world.

Finally, any real serious Christians knows that our savior, Jesus was absolutely serious about all that He said and that He exhorts our obedience and that nothing in the world could ever be more serious and real except for the ideas, the concepts spoken about from Christ.  And indeed, was Jesus so very serious about ALL—yes, yes, and yes, he was and even probably more emphatic than explained for to Him he lost His life for us and forfeited it all for our sake as He believed it so much.  In consequence, so should we.


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