Were you There? (re-visited)


Peter Marshal once gave an invigorating sermon that pronounced an indictment on all of humanity as he insisted by our actions that we were the same crowd that crucified Jesus. Naturally, he was correct in his assessment.

When looking at the mob that demanded the crucifixion of Jesus, we are all overwhelmed with thoughts:  “Those people are mad!  There are crazy to kill our Lord…”  Many other sentiments cross our mind in shame as we all know the story of our Lord’s journey to Calvary.

The twist I place on events are a little different than Marshal’s sermon.  My take is that while we were NOT there, now, we are HERE.

As Agent X is so quick to point out:  every time we turn our heads in our autos and pass by that stupid bum in the streets, that hobo holding up a sign on the corner—every time we forsake his plight, we are indeed, killing our Lord.  WE are killing Jesus, the least of these, leaving them to die as we refuse to care enough to obey the words of the Christ and serve His people.  We drive right on past Jesus who holds that sign, condemn him and feel justified in our actions.

Jesus is here NOW and HE is all around us in the image of our brothers who so desperately need our help.  We demand death by virtue of neglect to Jesus, the Christ as we turn our back on our master.

Yes, we are here and we scream the same words as those in the days of old who desired for the removal of Jesus:  and in like manner, we demand too for the removal of all the undesirables that nest at our doorsteps and at the narthex of our churches.

I see dejected masses:  I see the suffering of those who are afflicted with mental disorders, drugs, poverty, rejection, all types of misery.  In short, I see people—God’s children who are all personified by Jesus Himself as Jesus is certainly not the least of them.  And so to answer my own question:  Were we there?  No. No, and another no, we were not there, but we are here and where we are, we continue to refuse the son of the living God.  Where the mobs, the throngs were horrible in the fatal days of Jesus, we are no different for we are also as horrible if not worse.  We are worse as those in Jesus’s day did not understand.  We do understand or at least say that we do and thus, we are held accountable.

Are we there In the face of our brothers and sisters?  The answer should be to the affirmative.  We should be there with and for the least of them and in turn serve and be with our Lord, the Christ.  Nothing can ever replace walking with Jesus.  Yes, we are here.  We should invite Him here with us.


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