No one Special


In 1993 Radiohead produced a whining song, “I wish I was special”. The concept of being special permeates modern society whereas fame and fortune are often found overnight due to whatever viral episode occurs that propels one to popular stardom.

Enter the figure, Jesus, the Christ, Son of the Living God as he walked here on earth.  While in truth no one was special in the eyes of Jesus or others, they became special as they encountered Jesus in the flesh and spirit.  Truly, ordinary people, sometimes despised people such as tax collectors became ‘special’ as a result of their contact with Jesus.

To wit:  no one was made famous or ‘someone’ in accordance to the world or on worldly standards. Apostles such as Peter or John were no one SPECIAL.  They were down to earth, ordinary people and that’s all that they were.

In reality, you are probably like me:  I am no body.  You probably aren’t either.  You are probably just some ordinary, mundane worker who attempts to scrounge out a living for your families.

And if you are like me:  you probably have no great fortune, no great talent, no inheritance, no large business or skills or anything else.  You are plain and ordinary, overlooked in terms of leadership, etc.

In a national emergency, more than likely, no one ever calls you up and solicits your opinion, your wisdom.  In fact, the truth of the matter is that no one cares what either you or I think.  We are nothing to the world, no body.

Okay.  I have fully established the notion that we are not Jack.  We are nothing and nobodies without any credence to the world. We are as minute as a cog or an insect within a corporate world, dispensable.

In fact, if we were to die right now at this instance, no one would ever really notice.  We’d probably wouldn’t even warrant an obituary for as anyone knows, you have to pay to explain that you are dead.

And that’s how it is with the world.  In absence of a winning lotto ticket or any such propellant into fame and fortune, we are dwelling on this earth almost in incognito:  we are almost invisible, possessing only a footprint in terms of carbon particles.

No so with Jesus:  None of the above is true with Jesus.  “…for friends I call you for a servant knoweth not what his master doeth.”  “…even to become sons of God…”

In the sense of Jesus we are all special, important for we become inheritors of God’s kingdom, fortified with eternal life.

Hence: as adopted sons, we are made ‘Special’ unto Jesus and through Jesus, because of Him and by Him unto the Father.

We are made special for we know His voice, because we enjoy that relationship with His Holy Spirit.  We possess access to the throne of our Heavenly Father whereas we may petition our requests and prayers.

In short, we are anything but nobodies with Jesus.  We become everything that is of value because of Jesus:  Jesus places great value on us and thus, we are valuable.

Consequently, in our desires to become special—it should only be spawned In seeking status, not with man, but with God.  Jesus is that intercessor who contains the ability to grant self-worth.  It is His self-worth and thus, beyond 100% Gold.

Beyond all of that: living with the relationship with your creator, not the creation is the highest asset in the world.  We are then all special to Him and to one another—all because of Him.  Jesus is the most special of all.


3 thoughts on “No one Special

  1. Thanx for this, Tom.

    I have a number of reactions. Perhaps they are really just one reaction with different “levels” or something like that. But I want to engage your post… so here goes…

    First off… I know the song you are talking about. You got the lyric right, but the name of the song is CREEP. I certainly understand why you call it whining. It is a celebration of whining – but that is the nature of the blues, actually. However, the irony in it is that the song claims I AM NOT ACTUALLY SPECIAL…. I AM A CREEP/WEIRDO etc…

    I kinda identify with that.

    I also want to say that even though the reasoning behind using a pseudonym (Agent X) comes from Matthew 6 and is an idea borrowed from a former blogger who went by Agent B, there is this by product to it all. I am not promoting myself. I have created this façade that I keep separate from me in an attempt to NOT steal the glory from God. I am not special, I represent the one who is. Call me Agent X, but deal with Jesus, my Master, whom I represent – not me personally… not the guy using the name Agent X.

    I am sure I do a less than perfect job of that, but there is the general idea of it.

    But our culture promotes a special class of people we call “celebrities”. They tend to be entertainers, but they are all famous. They all make a name for themselves. Some we celebrate for their looks. Some for their talent. Some, I suppose are athletes. Some might even be politicians. Sometimes war heroes. But by far, most are from the vanity class of rock stars and movie gods.

    I love that line in Fight Club: “We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.”

    I absolutely love Tom Hanks. Never met the man. Maybe he has bad breath or some other thing I would not like, but I know his work. He is a hypocrite by trade – and a good one at that! I think he SHOULD have won the Academy Award for his part as Capt. Miller in Saving Private Ryan. And while I am at it, Tom Sizemore’s Sgt Horvath makes me think I could follow that guy into any Hell on earth battle – his performance makes me want to be brave!

    But in this world, the weird thing is that I know both of those guys’s real names. They bring these fictional characters to life in such a tremendous and impactful way. It is hard to believe the actor is still alive after the movie! But, come award season, and its not Capt Miller and Sgt Horvath sitting there in the audience; it’s Tom Hanks and Tom Sizemore.

    But the vanity really comes out when we talk about Axl Rose. This guy, it seems, is just a jerk. I was a big fan of his music, but he destroyed his own legendary rock band for his own vanity. A rock star buried under beautiful women, drugs, and money and spoiled to the core by his own success. His whole career is just a LOOK-AT-ME dumb ass vanity. And when I was a kid, I wanted to be just like him.

    So glad God had other plans for me. But I want to look a bit closer at this phenom, because I think, ironically, it ALMOST is what God wants by design! It misses the mark, yes, but not in the way we might want to think. It’s like 666 is sooooooo evil, but yet so close to being 777 – yet not.

    I think God designed humanity to bear his image. In fact I am sure I read that in Genesis 1 and find variations on this theme all through Scripture. I think there is a sense in which like Tom Hanks and Tom Sizemore, I have an acting job to do. I am supposed to act the part of God on the world stage. But like a good actor, I need to immerse myself in the role, not take it lightly. But then there is another aspect of it too, and that is that I could let it go to my head the fact that I have a lead role to play in this drama! And when that happens, instead of seeing Capt. Miller or Sgt Horvath, the audience will see Tom Hanks and Tom Sizemore. And I gotta say, that though Tom Hanks, great actor that he is, seems to be one of those celebrities who keeps his feet on the ground and a level head about his own life, Tom Sizemore also is an incredible actor, but in real life he is a junkie! But as far as Axl Rose is concerned, he has taken the role of God and made it into a celebration of Axl Rose.

    If I immerse myself in the role of God on the world stage, then I will disappear in the role, but God will shine through. If I immerse myself in the role of God, I will have to take on the bits where he suffers deeply for those he loves. If I take the role of God, I, ironically, must humble myself (St Paul describes Jesus doing this in Phil. 2:5-11). In fact, to take on the role of God, on the stage in this drama, is all consuming! I cannot advance the notion that I, the actor, am special. No. I must advance the notion that the character I play, God, is the special one.

    Less of me, more of God. None of me… All of God. I am working my way along this spectrum AS AN ACTOR – as an image bearer!

    But there is another side to all this.

    I must learn to see God in the other image bearers! And they are not very good actors, usually. In fact, this is where things really get turned upside down. After all, why am I celebrating a guy like Axl Rose??? He makes himself into a black hole! Why would I celebrate that? Even my celebration of Tom Hanks needs to be divinely tempered. But my celebration of the humble should be elevated. And so when I see a person going hungry, naked, and unsheltered, I should see Jesus in that person! (Matt. 25:40). And I should celebrate that person like as if I just met Jesus! It is the part God gives me to play in the drama he is casting for the Age to Come!

    I hope that makes sense.

    This is why I talk sooooooooo much on my blog about bearing the image of God. The role-playing is one very serious aspect of that.

    And that is my reaction to your very provocative post!

    Thanx for this.


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    1. Agent X You did a much better job on this than I did. If fact, I believe you should repost both of these blogs for your sight as you don’t do yourself justice in merely having this as a comment. Thank you for such thoughtful, good hard work. Yes, you can tell that I don’t listen to music as I don’t even know the names of the songs. LOL Thank you again.

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