On Your Side: You Loser

More often than not we begin searching for resources when we feel our luck has given way to even more bad luck.

Perhaps you’re going through a divorce: lost your job: evicted from your home or apartment:

It is also possible that you’re a drug addict, or an alcoholic or sex addict or victim to a host of addictions that plague people around the world.

You could be skinny or fat: ugly or sick.  You might be broke and broken.  Your spirits might even be down as the dismal life you ‘enjoy’ simply sucks all around.

You might be called a loser or even see yourself as a loser.  Heck, the truth might be that you are a loser.

Can you depend on the Christian to accept you as a person?  Can you expect the church community to take you in and to groom you?  Come on, now.  Let’s get serious.  More than likely no one cares about you at all.  Most wouldn’t care if you were to drop dead at a moment’s notice and if that was you out there holding up a sign begging for nickels and dimes for food or booze, then they would even think less of you.  You would come across as an annoyance, someone to avoid. And that’s how it is with losers.  No one wants to be around you when you are down.  No, we seek to label to classify, to detest, deject and to condemn you for no one loves a loser.

Who is it then that is on your side?  Where is redemption if we can’t count on the church or our brothers and sisters?  Where is there hope for those cast into the lot of losers.

The one word that should creep into the conversation is: Jesus.  Jesus is on your side where others will probably fail.  Jesus loves whether you are a bum or a convicted felon. He loves and calls after you:  asking, even begging for you to receive Him.  Jesus is a special man for losers.

And though we have no material worth for this world, Jesus recognizes the value in you, the loser.

And then when Jesus proclaims us as His savior, we are no longer the loser we thought that we were.  We contain value and contain that value because our creator said that we are valuable.

The ‘loser’ in us then, become dead to this world and even to us.  The life in this world becomes real:  it is real as it is a product from God himself and possesses value from the realness and goodness of our Father.  And with God on our side, there is no one against us for none can stand against Him.  And with God and as special representatives of God we are no longer Losers as we are transformed into Saints and into membership of His kingdom.  And in His kingdom, there are no losers—ever.  Only sons of God.


3 thoughts on “On Your Side: You Loser

  1. I wrote a novel once – actually unfinished. It tells the story of a church that gets started in a bar. Once they establish themselves as a church, they reject calling themselves “First Church” (you know, like First Baptist Church, First United Methodist Church, or First Presbyterian or any other Firsts) . Instead they call themselves Last Church of Subreption. (Subreption was the fictional name for the small West Texas Town where the story was set). And they had the audacity to say they were the last church Subreption would ever need.

    I wish we had Last Church in Lubbock. A church of losers for losers.

    Of course I am afraid that if – IF – if it were successful in any worldly sense, it would take its place among all the others. We don’t need another church. We need the first one to be the last one. We need to get TOGETHER AS ONE as the Lord Jesus prayed about before going to the cross! We already have too many Baptists churches. That’s just Baptists! We have First Baptist, Second Baptist, Primitive Baptist, Southern Baptists… And I have not even got into the Methodists, Presbyterians, Churches of Christ with multiple splinters WITHIN each of them. And THEN there is black church, white church, brown church, Chinese church and so on. AND THEN there is trucker church, biker church, cowboy church, Indian church, gay church, traditional church, hipster church, and finally the millions of individuals who “reject organized religion” and claim no need of church at all! What a MESS!!!!?

    But, with that said, I wonder if we might not start a guild of bloggers for Jesus. Losers as bloggers. Losers for Jesus blogging guild. Losers daring to speak to, for, and about Jesus to other losers. Let the “experts” have that mess they pass off as our inheritance, and we just humbly get on with any who will humble themselves before the Lord and condescend to share with us fellowship of losers.

    Just thinking out loud through my keyboard, really…

    Any takers???

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