That’s A Crock

Unfortunately, many Christian stories, movies and teaching videos demonstrate people suffering due to natural consequences by violating the spiritual principles of God.  The unfortunate aspect of this is that the movie will show the protagonist suffering—dramatically turn to God and then suddenly all of the perilous situations in their life miraculously turn to good and positive fortune. Somehow or by some way, these movies illustrate Christians whose lives are ‘directed’ personally by God where every step is monitored and protected.

This is 100% utter nonsense. It is a Crock.

A Christian is promised tribulations.  A Christian is promised trials and many other misfortunes that fall outside the norm of those who belong to the world.

Sure a drunk, as an example, who gives up alcohol is going to be able to provide much better for his family.  And yes, God can take credit for this.  But to think that once a Christian that life’s essential problems are over is total fabrication.

A person who might have a dying child—who turns to Christ will probably still endure the death of that child.  Just because one is a Christian we cannot expect our fortune to change except for the worst if we are living it properly.

Once again, these stories love to quote the Old Testament Scriptures as a backup, as proof God’s promises.  All of this would be great but a Christian lives under the New Testament, under the leadership and promises of Jesus.  The two are not identical.

Now get this:  it is not that God is going to pull us out of our circumstances:  it is the fact that Jesus promises to be with us in spite of our circumstances. Yes, we are to tote our Cross and might even die on that Cross, and the same as with the Son of God who was not spared, we might die on that cross.  The promise is God’s presence.  The promise is eternal life as a result of our diligence. The promise is heirship to the throne with Jesus who sits on the right side of our Heavenly Father.

No, heirship does not promise to spare us hardships in this world.  Heirship promises guidance and love and continual forgiveness and the essence of God’s love.

No one should ever promise an entering Christian an easy life. For true Christians the easy life is nothing more than a crock.  There is nothing easy about being a Christian that is easy. Following the step of Jesus is painful, dangerous and can lead to an early death.  We are to do whatever God leads us to do.  It is not easy and anyone who says so is telling you nothing more than a CROCK.



3 thoughts on “That’s A Crock

  1. Called “Flywheel” 2003. Actually performed rather well, but to think that just because you repent then all of a sudden your used car business is going to prosper is just not biblical in the New Testament way. That’s why all they quote are old testament scriptures. Not the same with Jesus as he changed it all. We are not so much into getting as we are serving. Nonetheless, the beginning of your troubles are with Jesus. He promises to guide us but it doesn’t mean we win in worldly terms.


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