Understanding Jesus vs. Man

In understanding Jesus we first see a character this is pure, that is straight-to-the-point.  His character is gentle: patient, kind, forgiving, authoritative, honest, giving—in short, Jesus is basically easy to figure out.  Jesus possesses no hidden agendas.  His spirit is flawless, perfect in all its ways.

Man on the other hand is much more complicated.  Man is devious, fearful, self-protecting, harsh, and let’s face it—lacking.

The reason for this comparison is that man is constantly attempting to figure out God.  Man has a constant urge to resolve the mystery of God, but in fact, through Jesus there is no real mystery at all.

The mystery lies with man.

God needs no explanation.  It is man who convolutes God’s creation.  It is man who brings the carnal mind to purity.  Man is the creation that needs to be analyzed and dissected, not God.

So then, in demanding attention: answers, we should not run to God for our inability.  Instead we should surrender to God’s reign, submitting to His power which is easy to discern.

Man is the complicated creature.  Man is the demanding one and man is the beast that needs to be tamed unto the temperance of God’s Throne.  In reasoning, we should not grow frustrated with God.  The burden of ruin actually falls on the back of man as he refuses to recognize the purity of Christ. In the end, Jesus is easy to understand and in man—there is the lack of that same understanding for in demanding our own way, the result is nothing more than confusion.


4 thoughts on “Understanding Jesus vs. Man

  1. God created a beautiful world in total and complete harmony with all its parts and with Him. He placed this human creature in charge of it with the idea the human would tend to all this perfection simply by reflecting His glory – by bearing his image. But the human creature rebelled and now tries to run the world without reference to God (a lot of the time) or if with reference, then reference as an after thought.

    It complicates things…

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    1. So right. Not only does it complicate things, but because of man’s arrogance, we still have wars, murder, stealing, lying, and so forth. Yes, it was originally intended to be Eden (paradise). I suppose it was for a while. It’s been a long, long journey attempting to come back into the good grace of our creator. And even when we blew that: HE came to us in the form of His son, Jesus. Now we embrace Him through the power victory of the cross. It could have been such a much more simpler way.

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      1. And then, in just a few brief chapters later, this humanity creature starts building a tower to make a name for himself (without reference to God). God comes along and judges it by dispersing the languages. We haven’t been able to comprehend each other ever since. But we keep going back to that tower project for all we are worth.

        First it was Babel, then Egypt, Then Assyria, Then Babylon, Then Greece, Then Italy, Then various European empires and the American Empire. Now, it’s not America – exactly – but the Global West (Maybe) with newer slicker agendas and methods, but only just cosmetically different really. It’s all Babel again and again. America lives in the penthouse suite of this tower, no doubt, but it’s part Chinese, part Indian, and maybe even a bit Russian too. But, yeah, we occupy the top several floors of this tower. And you can try to say something about it if you want, but your friends and neighbors won’t, for the most part, understand.

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