The Power of Positive BS

Two primary people come to mind whenever I speak of positive thinking.  Dale Carnegie is the first followed by the great Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

On the onset here, I am not against positive thinking.  However, I do mean to dissuade the idea, the thinking that there is power in positive thoughts.  By this I mean that true power from and with the Christian is a result of Faith, not the concept of positive thoughts.

In speaking of those poor creatures who suffered at the hands of the Nazis during the holocaust—some could say by positive thinking that the millions were killed as a result of the absence of positive thoughts.  And idiot could see that this is pure and total nonsense.  It is BS.

Positive thought would not have saved the Jews.  Positive thoughts would not have save the 70 million killed in WWII, the 30 Million of WWI, the 16 million killed by Stalin in the purges nor the 36 million destroyed in China in the mid-60s.

The same case is true with Jesus.  Positive thoughts would not save Jesus from the hands of Pilate.  A prayer to His Father would have, but positive thoughts had nothing to do with it.

The truth is:  one can wish for all sorts of things.  This does not ‘force’ a situation to change.

Faith, on the other hand is a power, an essence that goes beyond positive thoughts, but to the heart of God.

Yes, I agree that negative thoughts are bad and can adversely affect a person’s mind.  One needs to be positive in attitude, but mindful that the true power with God as sovereign is the true source of change and the true source of life.

Jesus, the true spirit of positive force is the light, the driving force that should be coaxing Christians to higher levels.

I speak beyond the new mindset of ‘speaking things into existence’.  For those who say that they can then should speak healing to those who need it and go beyond enrichment of self.  In other words, we should strive to journey beyond the BS of this world and instead to incorporate our self into the true world of God.


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