When we don’t know Jesus and we throw the Bum Out

A friend of mine, Agent X of Lubbock, Texas spoke of an event where the homeless and bums were gathered and where a group he headed had organized an event that sported a great feast. The pastor of the church, when invited to attend stated he wouldn’t attend as he was full because he had already eaten.

Mind you, this feast was in attune with the scriptures where those who had been previously invited failed to attend and thus, the effort was instead focused on all those who were in the highways and byways.

All of those attending were in fact: the least of these… All were forsaken folk who had been rejected and defected by society and mostly even by the church. Most had been shunned and avoided when seen sleeping on the streets and grossly neglected by those who had nothing better to do than throw the poor bum out.

No, we don’t like the ugly. We hate the poor and despicable. We loathe the hobo,the deranged and outcast. And if they approach us, we demand that everyone throw the bums out.

That mangey bum is our Lord, the Christ. He is Jesus and why is he Jesus? He is Jesus for Jesus said that whenever we assist the least of these, we are serving HIM. And in like manner, it makes sesnse that whenever we reject the least of these, we also reject our friend, Jesus.

Agent X was appalled at the event. He could not believe that people had passed Jesus by. That the homeless, the broken who were in the image of Jesus were NOT welcome and were in fact, scorned.

Those bums are Jesus. Those bums represent the incarnate Love Jesus and His Father, our Father possess for all His creation.

We should do everything EXCEPt throw the bum out.

And whenever you reject the bum, you are also rejecting me for I am also a bum by almost any standard. And rejecting me you are rejecting all my kids and my family and all my friends.

And so too,the same it is with Jesus. If we reject Him, we reject the entire universe for He is the savior of the Universe. For no matter how we are presented, and how we might come to you, just as Agent X says, we are the least of these. And to everyone else, to include Jesus, we are nothing more than a bum.


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