A Handy Pain In-the-Butt Prophet Hanging Around

At least one feature the Old Testament guys had was almost always:  a handy pain in the butt Prophet.  We all know the heavies.  We know about Elijah, Isaiah or Samuel or Nathan.

These guys were available to come in, chew out whoever was messing up, direct fire or floods or whatever mayhem on the bad guys and force them to straighten up their acts.

Enter:  Agent X out of Lubbock, Texas. Here is a Fat Beggars kind of guy (what?  What the heck is that?) Who charges the WordPress pages with exhortations that lift up the homeless.

Okay, okay so Agent X is not one of the heavies when it comes to prophets.  Yes, he is more of a Nathan kind of guy:  one who points out, who admonishes and charges, who more or less backs off, yet demands justice through the auspices of God’s justice—the law of salvation and goodness.

And the Good News out of all of this is that God’s Prophets are not only still with us such as Agent X, but that the words of the prophets, established from the very words of God are also just as powerful as back in the days of old.

I’m not so sure how handy Agent X is, but I do know he is committed to the cause of the poor and homeless in the area of Lubbock, Texas.

My desire is that all of us out here elevate and lift up the prophet.  Let this pain in the butt do whatever He was called to do in order to rescue those poor souls sent to by God.

A pain in the butt, yes sir, but a very needed one.  Concentrate your prayers towards our friend and modern day pain in the butt prophet that hangs around for a just cause.  Agent X’s mission is just as real as those others in ancient day.  Too, God’s purpose is the same.


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