Are You Still Up There?

Perhaps one of the biggest thing we have about God is that we want Him to be there whenever we need or want Him.  It’s all about simply being there.

Often this means that we don’t really want anything, it’s that we simply desire for our Heavenly Father to be there while we are going through moments of doubt, pain, loneliness or despair.  The actual PRESENCE issue is a big ticket item, one of which that cannot be overlooked. The truth is:  while and when God is there, the reality of the ‘biggie’ of truth is that God becomes real.  In fact, He becomes more than real:  He becomes integrated into our very soul.


And so it is also with the mission of his church: the people.  As a member of His church, it is also our task to be REAL to God’s children.

We become a reality to others when our PRESENCE is felt to be with them.  Again, it is a matter of simply being there with them.  IN doing so, we establish the reality of the truth of God through us as we have proclaimed it.

And so, in asking if God is still up there no longer really is the principal issue.  The real question is that God up there commands us down here to serve and by serving, proves that God is DOWN HERE.

Our presence should be demonstrated with the homeless.  Our presence should be shared with prisoners, the poor, with orphans, with widows and all those who suffer from the perils, the trails of despair: the down trotted.

And if you’ll notice here too, that I need not quote scripture.  The action is all about presence, not about wits or intellect.  While sitting with those who are afflicted to the point of oblivion, there are no words of wisdom one could interject to them.  Say for example a person suffering at a hospice or assisted living facility.  These people aren’t suffering from lack of knowledge:  NO!  They are suffering from loneliness and dejection.  They need moral support—our PRESENCE!

Again, there is no question about God being way up there.  No… the question is God’s love down HERE!  And God’s love down here is to be provided by we, the church.

Once more:  Is God way up there?  Is he still there?  And I assert, the real question and answer lies with US for He gave us the Keys to the Gates of Heaven.  And if we are willing to Serve the Almighty God, then yes, God is down here with me and you.


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