The Purpose of Accidental Mistakes

If you are like me, you’ve messed up many times over stupid things that were never intended that way from the start.  Oh, you might have dropped off over at the club more or less by accident, no real intent, and then the next thing you know, you wake up somewhere the next morning someplace else.  This was never your intent or your purpose. We end up wiping it off as a mistake.

The same is true for many scenarios—we being with something that seems innocent enough and the next thing you know, we are over our heads and involved.  Usually we’ve also spent way—far too much money and time and always promise never to get involved with something like that again.

This is NOT how it is about going to church.  No one goes to church by accident, by mistake.  No one drops in to a bar and somehow wakes up in a church. NO, those who go to church, those who serve the Lord don’t do so by accident:  This is all by virtue of a conscious, active decision performed by deliberation and thought.

By the same breath of virtue it is the same with God.  He does not find us by accident or by mistake.  Our relationship with God, with His church is formulated by conscious decision.  In other words, there is purpose: design with our relationship between us and His church.

Moreover, our fundamental tenet and belief system of God could never be established by accident:  Our foundation and relationship with our creator is set into concrete by our determined though process as we declare our thoughts by action.

Thus, then our actions are not performed either by accident.  They are conscious, deliberate acts that describe the very nature of love.

And I this sense, the world then knows who we as Christians are. This is done not by our thoughts, but by our actions.

So then, the issue becomes:  will our live be generated by a continual series of accidents and wrongs or by the proper direction of deliberate, conscious decision?  The greatest decision is not only to Follow our Christ, but choose also to serve Him.

And how do we serve Him?  We serve Him by serving his Children.

Feed the hungry.  Give to the poor.  Be with the homeless, the orphans and the widows.  Go to the prisons and be with them.

Those who are thirsty, give them drink.  Go to the sick and infirmed, those who are struggling.

In short, do all those things by deliberate action whose purpose is ingrained by the tenets of God.  Those of these behaviors could ever be described as an accident.  None of these behaviors are mistakes.  They are all part of the pattern, the intent and aim of the driving force of the love of God.  All of which possesses a purpose


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