The Invisible Church of God

It can very easily be said that the invisible aspect of the church does much work daily on behalf of God’s people.  Many Christians perform tasks or deeds on behalf of others all the time without recognition.  Some would or might even refer to this as random acts of kindness.

I assert that there is nothing random about being kind—that kindness is indeed extremely deliberate and well thought out.  Too, by the same token, whereas the performer of these deeds may in fact be ‘unsung’ heroes, they are not really invisible at all, in fact, highly visible to the person who is on the receiving end. By that identical virtue, our God is not really an invisible God.  No, our Lord is highly visible whenever a person, once again is receiving the blessings from those highly visible ministers of God’s Kingdom.

Whereas there is no need to be tooting one’s horn as such as if one were performing a Hollywood script, there should be enough Christians in service to others that the presence should in fact not be invisible, but highly visible—a strong force to be reckoned with.

Sadly, this strength is also a weakness of the church as a whole.  The church as a whole is good about paying for someone to provide service to others, but generally fails to outwardly present itself as a service agent or agency.

In a nutshell, if we want God to be an inward expression of a Christian’s soul, then service should be outward, highly visible, often enough to merit recognition that it exists to the world as a whole.

Thus, the true witness of the church comes not by word, as many proclaim by mouth, but by example of what we offer to others in terms of service.  This witness comes without the need of many words, as service has a mechanism of speaking for itself.  The same was true for the miracles of Christ.  They did not need explanation as the goodness in itself was enough.  His work stood on its own.

So too it should be with the Christian.  If a Christian is to be known by his love, then that love should be free, available and without demand.  And without being a magician, this is how the invisible church becomes highly recognizable and visible as the spokesperson for God. As Christ, the Christian then also becomes no longer in the shadows, but as a beckon of light for all.


7 thoughts on “The Invisible Church of God

  1. I contend that the highest form of service is that which one is delivering without knowing, just being him or herself filled with the Spirit doing their own thing and is none the wiser, but another or others are helped

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  2. Being genuine requires a pure heart and yes, this naturalness is what we all look for and appreciate whenever we happen upon it. Good observation, my friend. Thank you for your comment.


  3. Seeing is not believing but God asks us to read and then in Faith believe , and then act on the belief we have in our heart at that time. But think about it we as Christians act on what we do not really see and believe on him whom we have not met. IE “MATURED INVISIBILITY “.

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