No One Else is There

Imagine yourself going to a very important party with your best friend ever and NEVER being introduced to others at the party.  If this situation were to continue at some point you’d wonder about the quality of your friendship with your best ‘friend’.

Pushed aside and being placed on the back burner is never any fun.  It builds resentment, hurt feelings and a falling away.

In approaching God in prayer, it would really suck if we found ourselves in a predicament where God really didn’t know us and had never seen us around.

Yet, in denying our Good friend, even my best friend I find myself as GUILTY as in not stating the presence of my friend in the company of others.

Unlike as with Peter whereas it was only a three time event of denial, I discover myself denying Jesus over and over again. This occurs every time I am with others and fail to acknowledge the present of Jesus to those of whom I am around.

But, of course, I am too shy to introduce Jesus.

I am embarrassed.

I don’t know what to say.

I am not a preacher.

It was not the time or place.

The list of excuses goes on forever.

The Bible is clear about this.  Deny Jesus in the presence of others and he’ll deny us in the presence of His Father.

For all of this, you can’t blame Him. Truly, no one can support us when we are in the grace of good company and end up proclaiming that no one else is there.


3 thoughts on “No One Else is There

  1. Hey,

    Agent X here. I am requesting folx who follow my blog with any regularity to please pay a visit to BrookeM’s blog and offer prayer for Maribel. I truly hope that God will move with favor when a righteous person (or better yet, a whole bunch of them) prays on her behalf tonight. Additionally, I expect that news of our prayers will be encouraging to a very delicate and desperate situation.


    Here is her link:

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