Jesus was NOT Perry Mason

Among many Christian discussions today there is the atmosphere of legalism: One points out the Greek meaning while another suggests the Hebrew and still another indicates the etymology of the Latin. The end result is that fellowship opportunities turn into more or less games such as the tv show of Jeopardy.

This is not how it should be. Jesus did not present himself as an attorney. Too, all we are to present is the simple message of the Gospel, not some complicated maze where only the super educated can understand.

Last, the message of the gospel would much easier followed if the message was representative of what Jesus actually did and then commanded us to do.

Too feed the poor, assist the homeless, those in prison and to help orphans and the widows and to love our neighbor is not an intellectual endeavor, but an endeavor of doing, one of multiple works.

A discussion of whom is worthy of assistance is not needed either for Jesus did not instruct us to question motives or circumstance, but to do all of it to the least of them.

In short, Jesus did not stand by with a rule book. He loved all and instructed we to perform the same. All in all, Jesus was the Son of the Living God and not Perry Mason. Our clear intent should be to do the same. Love one another.