By Any Other Name

In my lifetime much has been said about cursing or cussing.

Let’s set the facts as they are.  First, most of what is said about cussing is merely a cultural statement and nothing more.

A person could scream “SUGAR” out in a rage and I’d testify that the word was expressed in vulgarity.  In other words, it’s not the actual word itself that makes it a cuss word, it’s the intent BEHIND the word.

Swearing, on the other hand, has really been taken out of context:

An example of actual swearing would be:

“I swear that by my mother’s name that I will not rest until…”

Damning someone is similar:  “Damn you to hell.,.”

In reality, we are not to swear as our total allegiance is to be to God and in the advent if vengeance is involved, that is totally God’s responsibility, not ours.

Other words such as the German, to shat is merely a bodily function: nothing more or less.

The same can be said about most sexual references:  this is even to the point where the word or phrases possess no meaning at all.

Nonetheless, cussing is basically a relative activity.  We as human come up with all sorts of rules that declare themselves to be righteous,  but in the long run we see the real vulgarity for those who proclaim love on the rims of lying lips.  Attempting to fake genuine goodness is absolute vulgarity, but here we see this as a staple as a regiment of unending quality in American Society.


4 thoughts on “By Any Other Name

  1. I tell you what I think about sometimes.

    First off, language used to be more offensive than it is now. I mean on a dirty scale. If I say F… you, you will take offense alright, but not because of the word, but because it was intended to insult you. These days, very few people are all that offended on the dirty scale.

    I remember when I was young, my folks ruled out my use of the word CRAP. So, I adopted “crud”. But by the time I was in high school, crap was an after thought. My sister’s kid showed up to kindergarten spewing the F word, the N word, and a few others. She thought it was cute when he was in diapers. She got in trouble with the school when he went there. But, that was shortlived.

    Anyway, the offense is all but gone. I know people who will talk trashy all day long unless they are in church or in front of their Mamma. So, it seems place and time factor in to what is dirty as well.

    This is getting complex I know.

    But none of that is what I really wanted to say. In fact, though actually I do care, there is so little I can do about it AND it is not the chopping block upon which I stretch my neck that I pretty much let this go. In fact, this is not the first time I have talked about this. I think I left comment on this blog or another mutual blog about my teachers in Bible school lecturing on Skybalon and so forth. So, I said pretty much all I really care to say then.


    Well… shoot.

    I did have something witty to say, and then I went and forgot it.

    Man… sorry. I am tired. Long day.

    So glad you are back.

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