Jesus Made Mistakes

Aside from the fact that Jesus was the Son of God, we are told he was a man.  The fact he probably made mistakes should encourage us as members of the flesh.

Yes, Jesus was perfect in that He did NOT sin, but he was also a Son of Man.  He was made flesh.

This does not mean he was perfect in say, Algebra.  Even though Algebra was not even invented during his life time, if he were perfect in that way, he would have known it.  He probably did, but the Bible doesn’t say that he did.

He was a man and subject to all the problems we have as people and this is encouraging to us, as he had the mind of a man in worldly matters.  He had a perfect mind in Spiritual matters.

So yes, in worldly things, Jesus probably screwed up the same as you and me.  He made mistakes.  In spiritual matters, he had a perfect connection with OUR Father, and thus, was blameless.

In fact, I believe this is one reason Jesus could identify with us so much insomuch that he had a mind of a man.  He knew how we are tempted, and lacked perfection and thus would succumb to day to day activities.

No, Jesus did not sin.  He did NOT miss the mark in reference to Spiritual situations, but it’s another matter in reference to being a man.

He had to endure the identical temptations, situations and endurances as we do.  The only difference in this respect is that he did NOT sin in the process.  Jesus had a pure heart and pure character, the same as His Father.

But otherwise, he had the identical capacity to goof up the same as you and me.  He was man and was deity in spirit, not in flesh.  Remember he was the same as Adam, but only also that he was the Last Adam.  Adam was not perfect in memory, in knowledge, etc.  He was man, but the first Adam represents man as the fallen man, not into perfection.

Now then, you can call me out on this one, but as for being a man.  I believe Jesus was identical to you and I and made mistakes.  Aside from the Son of God, he was MAN.  Men make mistakes.


9 thoughts on “Jesus Made Mistakes

  1. Some might consider your thought blasphemous, but I wholeheartedly agree. He didn’t come into this world potty trained and speaking with a complete vocabulary. He wore a dirty diaper, uttered toddler gibberish, and would not be surprise, growing up under a carpenter, that He probably hit the wrong “nail” a time or 2. Great insights into exactly how it is that God understands us. Peace!

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    1. Good thoughts here, Pastor. The bible explains that Jesus waxed in spirit and in wisdom, indicating a stage of growth. To me, the wonderful aspect of Jesus is not that he couldn’t sin, but that he didn’t. If Jesus were incapable of sinning, then there would be no real accomplishment. Too, if Adam had been perfect in all ways, then he wouldn’t have sin. So too, I believe it is with Jesus. I am also convinced that Jesus was in perfect union with the spirit of His Father. We see that Adam was tempted in reference to his own desires with his companion, Eve. Jesus remained only with his Father.

      Finally, in relation to sin: we see transgressions as errors against the law and sin as errors against God directly. In this sense, sin really is setting aside God’s will for us and insisting on our own. Making math mistakes or missing a nail is quite another matter. With sin, we are speaking of character, not brains or wit. I believe most people miss the gospel in this direction: people believe it’s an intellectual experience when really it’s only a matter of yielding: releasing our will to our Father through Jesus. Our pride simply won’t accept it. Jesus, on another level was not infallible: he could sin and that’s what makes him so marvelous. He could sin, but did not. He was man in perfect harmony with the creator. And no, I expect what I have to say or think to be the last word on this, but I do expect for us to think. Jesus came here for us and now resides through us. We can sin too and make mistakes: however, if we turn to Jesus, He can help us through our sins into His perfection. Thank you for your comment.

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      1. Indeed, many have accepted an intellectual experience, which is NOT what God offers. If they could break free of the intellectual experience God has something much better and far more powerful–a relationship that begins in the heart and then radiates out into everything else! God has blessed you with a wonderful perspective, keep using it for HIS glory!

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