It doesn’t take a Genius

You don’t have to be a scholar to know that feeding a hungry child is doing what is right.  The same is with saving lives, with showing kindness, Or forgiving.  Nor do we have to be a rocket scientist or know the bible inside out to perform righteous behavior and thoughts.

However, in our day and age we have books, manuals, instruction sets, dvds and videos on how to walk the Christian behavior.

This is mostly silly.

When one goes to the doctor with a broken arm, do we need to engage in an intellectual debate prior to treatment or is it instinctive?  Of course, anyone knows treatment is necessary.

And so too it is also true we know what to do when one is depressed or when one suffers a great loss or anything else in day to day living.

We should comfort them.

And in spite of how easy the answers are, why then do we act like it takes a genius to solve such simple problems.

Clearly, it is because we enjoy complicating the heck out of anything to grant the appearance that we are so smart.

Smart?  No.  It simply doesn’t require a genius to do the Will of God.



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