The Badness of Good

The disciples said to Jesus, “Good Master, Good Master.” And Jesus said, “Why do you call me Good?  Only our Father who is in Heaven is Good.”

Okay, we can now argue that since Jesus sits on the right hand of God on His Throne, then that he is now Good.

That’s a far cry from us:  for we are as dirty rags…

And if there is any goodness in us at all, it is not the same as being good.  No, even though we are to do good, we can’t kid ourselves for we were born into sin.

The only Good that dwells in us is Christ.  For that, we can brag that He is Good, but not us.

So then, as Christians, we can’t go around feeling so good about ourselves.  We cannot claim goodness.  All we can declare is our redemption through Jesus, the Christ who died on the Cross out of His Goodness, not ours.

So then, good actions, good thoughts and attempts to try to be good will NOT make us good.  So then, some of us will say:  then we should do what we want, but Paul addresses that well enough too.

Knowing we will continue to sin, we should strive to be Christ-like.  And the only way one may strive to be the image of God is to have full communion with God and full communion with God means first through the spirit of God through Christ and then second:  through his household.  His household is his Church:  our brethren.

To boil this down:  We first must have contact, embracing God almighty through His son, Jesus and second:  we must also embrace His family:  God’s Children.

And since most of us don’t love God’s Children, we are in a constant flow of sin as we reject that which has been laid out for us.

We can’t reject the sinner, the homeless, the destitute, the rich, the poor, the beautiful, the ugly, the imprisoned, the aged or infirmed or the children or anyone: we must embrace them ALL.

And in particular, as Jesus instructed: we must embrace the least of these for those least are Christ himself!

Again, as Jesus instructed, the greatest will become the least and the least then shall be the greatest and that still does not make us Good.

And even though we will remain flawed, we will at least be striving in the direction of Good and finally in obedience to God’s Word.  And in all of that:  that is nothing but GOOD.


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