The Living Christ Dead in You

The proclamation of Christians is of the experience of the Cross by Jesus who was sent by the Living God.  Churches everywhere possess this as the primary tenet of beliefs.

As Christians, we are to reflect the image of God through His Son Jesus as he promised to dwell within us through His Holy Spirit.

Although this almost immediately makes us hypocrites, we are also promised His Grace which grants redemption.

However, most of us leave our responsibility there.  We forget how we are to not only spread the Gospel of Jesus, but to demonstrate by example the embodiment of the spirit of Jesus as he directs, guides and represents the head of His Church.

To this degree I think it is what James stated that “Faith without works is dead.”

And if our works are lacking this become then the deadness in us.

This should not be.  We can’t proclaim the aliveness of Christ and walk around dead in Him and also proclaim His name.

If Jesus is alive today, and I say that he is, then we also should be alive in Him as we live our lives daily.

And then so what does this mean:

It means we represent the character of Jesus and His Father.

That character is:

Love, compassion, forbearance, long suffering, patience, forgiveness, generosity and a host of other traits that is all good.

The source of this is God.

If it is to be alive, then we don’t pray to a God with a Son Up there.  We instead, show our Lord as He is here on earth through us.

In this way, the world then can see the corruption within us and the incorruptible of Jesus that leads us.

Consequently, when we act in obedience to His love we become ‘quickened’, alive and no longer dead to the Kingdom of God.

In all this simplicity, we must leave our comfort zones to enjoy this experience.  IN that sense, we then become dead to the world, but then alive to God as a new creature.  This process is a daily process and separates those of us who are either alive or dead within Christ.  I think we should choose Life.


2 thoughts on “The Living Christ Dead in You

  1. Wow!

    Amen… Preach it Brutha!

    Very insightful. Image bearing vocation…. I love it.

    And when the creation of God sees him in us (think Romans 8 where the creation groans waiting for the revelation of the sons of God) then the mountains bow down, the valleys stand at attention, the crooked places straighten out at the sight of God in us! (See Isaiah). We know that the image bearer can stop the sun in the sky (See Joshua). We know the image bearer can walk on water (see the synoptics).

    Don’t you wanna throw mountains around with the faith of a mustard seed???

    We are promised it. Why then are our churches loosing ground in this fight for the Promised Land?

    That church is the Body of Christ, the one who bears the image of Almighty God and touches lepers and heals the sick, the lame, the blind. And preaches the Good News TO THE POOR!

    I am sure I read this stuff somewhere!

    Fantastic post, brutha! Preach it.

    Amen from the Lubbock corner…


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    1. This seems like such an easy concept yet, the church as a whole strays from it. Too much is about comfort zones and ‘feel good’ experiences and while Christ is here for us as a transformation agent, it then is no longer about us but the wholeness of His Church.

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