Blaming Everyone but Us

When it came to Adam: he blamed Eve:  Eve Blamed the Serpent and so the same old same old story continues.

In today’s world, we often speak of the perpetrator as a victim. There is childhood and often the environment to blame.  They are all convenient to include race, ethnicity and income levels.  Sometimes education level or IQ comes into play.

Many Church people love to blame the devil.  While I’m not speaking of him as NOT being a bad guy, I am zeroing in on us as the bad guys.

If in fact the devil made someone do something, then it was the devil that was in the heart of the perpetrator.

I care not to grant the devil any more power than he actually has, but yes, I hold the individual responsible for his or her actions.

The same is true with God: we see in the case at the Garden of Eden, He held all THREE responsible for eating the forbidden fruit.

Jesus often spoke of the evil in our hearts or the lust therein:  he never once stated it was the devil going around forcing people to do things against their will.

In fact, if you’ll search the scriptures you’ll see that it is God who is Master over all Good and Evil, not the devil.  If you don’t believe me, then search the scriptures yourself.  I encourage it.

Nonetheless, we are who are accountable.  We are accountable for our strong belief system and no, it is not a belief system in the devil, but in Jesus Himself.

We are required to believe in Him and being subject to Him and Him alone.

By the same token, Jesus holds us responsible then for our faith: not the forces of evil.

Too often, I see the church assail the power of the devil, but the only admission we as Christians are to affirm is Jesus.  I’ll say it again.

The devil hasn’t made anyone do anything.  It is Christ, the Son of the Living God that grants pardon and imparts peace.  It is through Him by virtue of His blood on the Cross that we are saved.  And it is by that same blood that should be the driving force behind all Christians.  Never mind whatever is the realm of the devil.  The world belongs to God and God alone.


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