Cherry Picking Scriptures

More often than not, I find it amazing how Christians pick and choose which scriptures they want to select out of the bible.

When it comes to Gays and Lesbians, the Book of Leviticus comes to mind as a tool against the practice.  There are also many other passages where God, assisting His warriors are told to destroy every man, woman, child and any other living thing to include babies and animals.

Of course, too, there are many statements against divorce:  a topic Jesus Himself spoke against, but we conveniently ignore that whenever we speak of morality.

For those of us who love and enjoy shrimp or pork or many other forbidden foods, we are told that the law was done away with for us.

Then again, God, you got to love the preachers who love the tithing system.  Yes, they’ll quote that left and right ignoring all the procedures involved, such as animal sacrifice and myriads of other rules and regimentations.

We are the large promoters of Justice even though Jesus told us to forgive.  We’ll go to war in a heartbeat to protect our rights and freedoms at home, while Jesus told us to forfeit out life and pick up our cross and follow Him.

Okay, so aside from these rather slight inconsistencies we have as Christians, but our biggest failure of Christians such as me is failing to carry out the simple commandmentss Jesus instructed us to do.

The simple commands such as:

Feed the hungry

Take care of the poor

Take in the homeless

To serve others

To visit those who are orphaned, infirmed or in prison

Proclaim the gospel

Come to Jesus as Jesus is the provider through God almighty.

No, we’ll instead depend on our jobs, our government, our wits and brawl to bail out of situations when we are instead, supposed to rely on our Lord, the Christ.

So then, we pick and choose which scriptures we wish to believe, that we wish to enforce and those of which we desire to participate in.

The truth be told, more often than not, we simply ignore all the commands Jesus instructed and go it our own way.  When we are stopped for accountability, we simply pick and choose for our reply.


5 thoughts on “Cherry Picking Scriptures

  1. Applies to me as well: the same I think as when the pain-in-the-butt prophet charged David and King David said that: that man should die. And Nathan replied truthfully. “You are that man.” The same is true with us all to a more or lesser degree. The idea is to MOVE away from it and progress forward: most of us don’t.

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    1. There is a difference between cherry picking and theme picking. The matter is actually complex. Let me TRY to sort it out briefly – at least at a surface level.

      Cherry picking, to my mind – and as you describe it (I think), is a form of Bible study that seeks passages which will endorse (or seem to endorse) programs, ambitions, goals we already set for ourselves (or against others) of our own accord. I want to be rich, I make a lot of money, and this might be indicative of greed. But I adhere to a health-n-wealth gospel, cherry picking passages out of context and making the Bible appear to endorse my greed. And so forth. Change the issue to whatever you like. Be it gay, war, or greed.

      On the other hand, I can seek in the Bible God’s will and find bits that speak to me (sometimes endorsing/other times correcting) but listen to them in the overall context. Seek them as if they are a word FROM God TO me – respecting that he is Holy and I am merely striving for it.

      But then there is the level at which this is an art – a skill to be developed. For I can set out to do the latter with good intentions and either due to immaturity or self deception I might slip into the former – perhaps even unaware.

      I paint an overly simplistic picture, but I think it makes the point. And I am sure there are other levels I am not considering. But of course, all this puts us back on something of a slippery slope leaning us to the dangers you warn of.

      I expect we need to go through this process in community rather than as Lone Ranger Christians. The perspectives of OTHERS who love God and love us is very useful in stabilizing us on that slippery slope.

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      1. I think you are correct. The difference is being Lone Wolf as you point out. When we do it with our brothers in mind with love, then we’ll discover a difference. I would like to point out one more characteristic: that is going to the negative on these points in the scripture or on the negative. I firmly believe that our actions towards God’s people should always be in the positive, that is something that is good and for their interest. In assessing our own Cherry Picking Scriptures self-interest, then I believe we should gravitate towards asking ourselves: what is negative or bad towards others and how does it apply to us. When we do that I think then we center that which is matters of the heart as oppose to that which is merely legalistic. I don’t Jesus was legalistic and if he were the we would all be condemned because we all fail not only once but all the time. Thank you for your post. Interesting and not off point nor was it cheap or dancing around the issues. You are good on this as I think you should know.


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