To Hell With The Devil

From books galore to churches across America, emphasis is placed on the presence and power of the Devil.

Appearing mostly in the New Testament, there seemed almost a preoccupation with the presence and power of Satan.  A stress not found in the Old Testament.

Personally, I’ve witnessed at least one church, and during a deliverance ritual, focused on ‘demonic spirits’ jumping from one person to another.

And I say, to hell with all that.

First, any idiot knows there is evil in this world.  That is a given.  I say, that evil is in the world become we brought it here.

Because of the first Adam, Sin was interjected into this earth, and that trait with the curse associated with it, man was condemned with all the broken nature of the flesh.  In other words, man is born with the aspect of sin within His nature as a result of Adam who sinned in the Garden of Evil.

What this means, among other things is that because of sin, Man does not have to look to a Devil to produce evil.  Man is born into it and carries it with Him from birth.  It is inside of us:  a very woven part of our nature. This evil then resides in the inside of us, not from an external factor.

And what does the Bible reiterate about it and temptation?  Nothing except that which is common to man.  That is all. All temptations fall within that realm.

And since Jesus conquered Satan on the Cross, he also conquered his power which was death.  That death is the hell—the grave, possessing no more power over Christians.

The only death now is that of the devil.  His death is to the hell of which once again, the Bible promises for Him and His followers. This is NOT the promise of Christians.

And No, when I sneeze, I don’t believe I’m sneezing out demons or anything other than perhaps germs and viruses. And as for the notion of all of that coming from the devil: I say, to hell with that.  Put it in the grave.


3 thoughts on “To Hell With The Devil

  1. Demons jumping from one person to another = stupid. But I don’t think you give the devil enough credit. The Bible says, “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” All you have to do is scroll through Google News any given day to see that’s true. The despicable, unspeakable things people are doing to other people — sometimes at a ridiculously young age (just two of MANY examples: & — are not temptations.


    1. So true, CLE but that is only because man is still part of the flesh, part of Satan’s old kingdom. It began with Cain and Abel and hasn’t slowed down since when it comes to murder or any other horrible deeds. No one would ever want to admit that ALL of us are capable of these Horrid Deeds, but yes we are. We are all capable of them. And yes, it has been very common to history. Sad, but true. 30,000 million killed WWI and 70, 000 killed in WWII


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