God Makes Mistakes Too

As perfect as God is in all His ways, we read that He also makes mistakes.

We read at the beginning of Genesis that God created man in His Image.  At least part of that image is the ability to think, feel and to possess free will.  Of course, like man, God has free will and can do what he wants about the same as man.  In that regards, God is free to choose whatever he desires to choose for whatever reason. In all of this, of course, God will not go against His own laws.  In other words, when I speak of mistakes here, I’m not speaking of anything relative to sin.  I’m speaking of raw, well-intended mistakes.

We read in: Genesis 6:6 We read where God regretted or was sorry he had ever created man.  Again, later we see where God was also sorry where he had made King Saul a king.  In both cases, we also see where God repented of himself.

This means because of the goodness of God’s heart and where he gives us the benefit of the doubt that he too, can screw up and make mistakes.

We read about the character of God where he can feel, where he can be sad, rejoice, etc.  We see of course, the exact same character in the person of the Holy Spirit and of course, we should for the source is identical.

Now then, these are not the type of mistakes made by man, but it should draw one closer to God as we see in some ways where our nature is similar to God.  Only with God, that nature is a Good nature and nothing else, where with man we leave much to be desired.

Yet, in the fine print and on the bottom line, we see where also God too, makes mistakes.


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