Going it alone and without God

Emmanuel (God with Us) is not only an expression, it is a promise from Jesus to us when He said, Lo, I am with you, even to the end of the world.

Moreover, Jesus also promised to be in the mist of us whenever two or more gathered in His name.

Remembering that the spirit of God dwells in us and the mission of the Church, it is clear that to be near God, or at least more powerful in God, we need to be among out brothers.

This runs contrary to the American ethic of Going it alone and pulling ourselves by the bootstraps.

Friends, this is all a matter of pride.  Often it is even more of a matter of False Pride.  The simple truth is that Jesus is among us when we are dwelling with his church or perhaps even to look at it another way, when we are with him and not going it alone.

We can clearly pray using our brain.  While this is not completely separate from our body, we don’t have to utilize the rest of our body.  But given the nature of the invisible church,  all parts of the body are stronger than one single member whereas it is much better or stronger to have all members of the body work together.

This is true for work but just as true in prayer and in consensus and love. In particular, it is a law of the corporate characteristic.  We are stronger together rather than alone.

So then, it is not a matter of proving ourselves alone, but rather an exercise of yielding, forfeiting the exclusiveness of our will and joining with our brothers among and in their will together.

So then, we have a choice.  Do it our way and pretend we are Burger King, or do it God’s way with the assistance of His Church.  Now then, with that a given, it is a matter of getting others to provide you with an affirmative to join hands and hearts together.


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