Have it Your Way: the Mentality of Burger King

Among recent times, our society and come to know and enjoy having things exactly the way we want them.  We see this in the extreme with plastic surgery, home re-modeling, autos, computers and clothes to name just a few.

The concentration has been placed so much on the value of our lives, that we have often become ethnocentric, narcissistic, self-centered bores.  Yes, we want things and we want it our way.

We go so far as to put in a prescription for our mates:

We want them beautiful, strong, healthy, smart, dazzling, entertaining, witty, soul-mates, financial partners, and even usually young or at least younger than we are.

In other words, we want it all our way.

Rarely do we even possess the identical virtues we demand out of others for we have our priorities of what we want, how we want it and dare anyone else to measure up to it.

Maintaining this strong, aggressive posture, we never think of surrendering our self to them. No, we demand that they come begging for them.

This personality style is in direct opposition to the character commanded by Christ:  Christ requires us to be humble, patient, forgiving, giving, gentle, kind and many, many other facets that are taxing on the individual.

There is none of the Have It Your Way in Christ’s Kingdom, only doing it the way of our Father who resides in Heaven and is directed by Jesus.

The way of Jesus grants life and happiness.  The way of carnal man requires eventual death and misery, yet we insist on doing it our way.

This would be sad enough if I were only speaking of non-Christians, but Alas, this applies to Christians as well.

As we strive to one-up one another constantly and to keep up with the demands of the world, we are proclaiming and demanding daily that we want it our way!

So much for the intellectual pursuit of the Kingdom of God.  The pursuit of God’s kingdom in no t with the mind, but with the spirit and the spirit requires submission, not demands.

Given the choice then, we can elect to continue what we do, or to bow to the truth of the spirit.  And the truth of the spirit is the way in which to not only do it right, but to perform it in love.  In the presence of Jesus, there is none of it about doing it my way  for it is Jesus who is the way, the fullness of the way and the only way for it to be completely the truth:  Doing it His way.


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