Walking On Water

Don’t we all possess awe over Peter once he climbed out of the boat in reply to Jesus and walked on water?  Don’t we also have scorn for him when he sank and we so easily say that he lacked faith and lost focus on our Lord?

I’m not even asking any of this.  No, not at all–I’m not asking anyone to walk on water. Heck.  I’m simply trying to get Christians to walk out of the church building and nothing more.

Why is this that hard?  How is it the focus remains on the pulpit and not on the people it should for those in need of our service?  Climb out of the boat of the church.

Remain focused.  The faith needed to walk outside the church is not all that great.  The impending needs of those who need us is great and at times, overwhelming. However, we are not Peter and nor do we have Jesus outside in the flesh beckoning us on.

Yet, it is our role to be there with Jesus and Jesus is in fact there once we are outside doing His commandments and embracing His people beyond what we know as our own.

So then, no need to walk on water, but by all means, please let’s take that stroll outside the church to engage all of God’s people.  And in the process we can fellowship with other Christians and Jesus as He is revealed as we do his work.  Climb outside the boat of the church.


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