When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to Lose Bob Dylan

Last night while at the local convenient store I spoke with two young homeless bums were sitting near the entrance.  They had been there for at least eight or nine hours panhandling.

Interesting enough, each ‘earned’ about $100 that day, but at the moment, they were flat broke.

None of what I’ve stated thus far is out of the ordinary, but another fellow who was with me left a lasting impression with me.

He’s only 40 years old, a non-believer and named Christian.

On leaving the store, Christian stopped and spoke with the two homeless guys. After tossing them two cigarettes each, he inquired about how they were doing. I mean, really asked how they were doing and chatted with them for about 15 solid minutes.

Now these guys were pretty beat up.  One jerked around feverously, obviously in reaction to drugs.  But the amazing aspect is that these two dudes smiled profusely and radiated a profound sense of peace in response to my friend, Christian.

The lesson is that a non-believer ‘ministered’ more to two homeless dudes than I could ever do.  Where I thought I was the so called ‘expert’ Christian, a non-believer demonstrated a far greater love. What a Marvelous lesson!


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