It was Possible for Jesus to Sin

Jesus was a man every bit the same as you and me.  That means He was human, sent in the flesh to become man.  Too, He was the Son of Man. It doesn’t mean He couldn’t sin.  Yes, Jesus could sin, He simply didn’t.  He was perfect in spirit and possessed perfect Union with our Father.

However, insomuch that Adam could sin, so too Jesus could also.  This should spur us on for we are also called unto perfection.  Only our perfection is unto Jesus as He is to His Father.

It doesn’t mean He couldn’t sin.  He was subject to the same temptations as we are, even more so, but he did not sin.

We don’t generally think of it this way, but we are identical to Adam with the flaw that we were born into sin.  Jesus was also born into sin, but failed to yield to it.  I realize this could be disputed in that many would say he was born perfect.  I say that he was and was not.  I mean this in that yes, he was perfect, but only because He was subject to His Father.  If he was already perfect, there would be no victory in overcoming sin.  Yet, He did overcome sin and thus death and so then grew into perfection by his obedience to His Father.

We are not that strong.  However, our virtue is that of Jesus to be LIKE him.  We obviously will not attain that status in this lifetime, but our role is to strive as much as possible with Jesus as the model.


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