Not on Your Knees

Jesus, when teaching to pray, instructed a unique reverence for our Father in Heaven.  However, I don’t believe he was on His knees.

Yes, at one point we were told to pray in a closet, but I think most of this was so as not to seem religious to others and thus, to brag.

Jesus said He was our friend and servant to us.  This is not one out of fear, but one out of Love.

Before I’m counter instructed, I know about Paul with fear and trembling, but here we’re speaking about a relationship of Heavenly Father to Creation and one to His Sons, potentially to be Sons of God.

Yet, traditionally we’re told to fold hands or to be on knees and I say we are to approach our wonderful Father with heads up reaching to Heaven.  This is an approach to Goodness, not sorrow.

With contrite hearts then we are bend over or perhaps in a closet or on our knees, but in celebration we are to reach upward with if anything, hands up for victory.

I can’t help but think more traditional thinking always has us bend down low.  I say, where there are times for it, our general posture should be one with gladness and with reverence and most of all, in gracious love.


One thought on “Not on Your Knees

  1. Jesus knelt to pray in Luke 22:41 and Paul did so in Acts chapter 20. I don’t see any reason at all kneeling is a bad thing but I do agree that in order to pray without ceasing, we cannot possibly do it on our knees. In fact, these days, there may not be enough kneeling before the throne.

    I’m sure God is glad to hear from us no matter our posture.

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