You Can’t Always Have It Your Own Weigh

I’ve written before that life as a whole is not Burger King.  We can’t have it our own way.

Today, much talk is centered around rescheduling football games and other sports.  Can you imagine?  The nerve of a storm in Houston to disrupt America’s all important football game? The stupid storm!

Doesn’t that storm realize that football is far more important than the lives of ordinary people who attempt to struggle day to day?

It is bad enough that some church services and activities spill over where congregants can’t rush home in time to watch the game. With our Christian Athletes, we have Jesus as our Quarterback and you can’t get any better than that.

However, in counting the costs we have to measure:  for better or worse, pound per pound, God will lose in serving Him here on earth.  However, in the end, He will have it His way.


3 thoughts on “You Can’t Always Have It Your Own Weigh

  1. Did you see the movie CONCUSSION with Will Smith?

    Not an exact quote, but one guy says: God used to own Sundays, but now its the NFL.


    I recall some idiot saying: Even God couldn’t sink this ship.

    God blessed America, and America spit in his face for it. We don’t deserve his kindness.

    Recall the parable of the unforgiving servant who owed much but was forgiven his debt by the Master. But he rushed out and found a poor sap who owed him and then threw him in prison over the little debt. When the Master heard of it, he found the unforgiving servant and threw him in prison for NOT FORGIVING the way he had been forgiven.

    We are the richest nation on earth holding debts over the heads of more than half the world. God blessed us, we turned Sunday into a football game (and raked in tons of cash doing that too) AND EXPORTED this nonsense all over God’s creation. What do you think the Master will do when he has had enough? Endorse the NFL or Bank of America? Do you think we will get a pass because we are America and he has blessed us???

    Remember, he blessed that servant to begin with. It was the servant’s contempt of that kindness that touched off the damnation.

    America BEWARE!

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    1. The attention placed on such sporting events and celebrities as a whole makes me sick. I honestly believe God takes even a dimmer view. Hold on, Agent X: I want to interrupt this reply with a Busch Announcement. Oh, for the sake of taste.

      You get the idea. Anything for a dollar. No, there is nothing wrong in making an honest buck. Yet, it’s a matter of priorities. God’s people and His plan should come first. and Yes, I know Lakewood churh has now opened and Joel Osteen is out blabbing. However, it was only AFTER he received a backlash over it. That is the primary reason. However, I think we have a rather bad choice. We have football or else we could listen to Osteen. Personally, I don’t see a difference for it is all about money!

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  2. (tried to leave a reply twice before… lets see if it stix this time)


    Yeah… I saw Osteen on TV this morning. I wondered what his remarks would consist of… contrition? excuses? something else???

    Yup. Something else.

    He was in denial mode. Denied everything. Said he was waiting on the city for direction.

    I am just saying what he said. Not that I believe it at all. Would Jesus wait on the city to shelter people from a massive storm like that?

    What about a greedy rich person? Would he wait on the city for direction?

    Which question do you think the answer to it is YES?

    I never knew Jesus to be obligated to the city. In fact, he preaches (and acts) as one having AUTHORITY. (I think I have read that somewhere….)

    Not Osteen. He wants to do whatever the city tells him to do (so he says). And, according to him, they had not directed him to open his church to the needy, so he didn’t.

    See. That makes sense – as a dishonest denial.

    He did this interview ONLY AFTER all the controversy erupted over it, AND only after he could do his photo op/interview in front of piles of donations. He could not hardly give a straight/direct answer to any of the straight questions. He did not inspire confidence to this set of eyes and ears. But to be fair, I never knew him to be caught in a lie before.. so… if there is a doubt there, I will give him whatever benefit I can.

    But at the theological level then, why is a pastor (do you know the word PASTOR means SHEPHERD?) watches the flock scatter to the night EVER under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!

    The one thing he said rather forcefully was that the DOORS ARE OPEN. (Yeah. Now they are. while he tries to save face)

    Anyway, I watched this carefully because we have a slightly altered version of this exact same thing here in Lubbock (minus the hurricane and minus anyone interested in the controversy (afterall we are dealing with homeless people no one cares about)), and I just wondered IF EVER scrutiny comes to bear on the Premier Homeless Pseudo Church of Lubbock what the remarks will be. Now I am betting on DENIAL. And in fact they are purposefully telling the community that they have an “OPEN DOOR” for the homeless despite the fact that it closes every night.


    Of course the public, in this case, seems perfectly willing to collude with this dishonesty.


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