How Dare God Impose His Will On Me

Me!  Me!  God has requested ME to succumb to His will?  How in the world?  Doesn’t God know that I have bills?  I have to pay rent.  There is electricity and food and health care payments.  And then there is the cable and food.  I have to pay that.  How about my auto payments and God wants me to give all of this up to submit to HIM?

And when my enemies fight me, I am supposed to bless them?  Give me a break.

NO!  How dare God tell me what to do?

Those who are homeless are there because of their free will.  I get up every morning and go to work and I am supposed to stop and help them?  They refuse to help themselves.

And then we have the druggies.  I am supposed to give to them to support their habit? Don’t they have the same choice and I to go out and work?

How dare God.

How dare God impose His will on me when I have troubles of my own.

Me! Me!  And God says I should care about them?

We can speak about grace all day long, but now He calls me to lay down my life for them.  This is stupid.

And people.  That is where it’s at.  Jesus tells us to love the unloveable.  We are to give to those of whom in the back of our minds, we despise.

The real wonder is that God doesn’t despise us.  He gives us His commandments and expects us to carry them out.

It all comes at a price.

And the price is our life.

Are you willing to give to all that they may live?  Christ did all of this and more for us.  How dare we demand more from God.


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