Go Back to your Rat Infested Houses

The statement above more or less lays it out in how some people see the lower class of society.  When images of our neighborhood on the other side of the tracks come up, we think of:

Rats, roaches, filth, litter, crime, drugs, lewd and loud music: malted beer and many people of color.

And when we don’t think of them we might zero in on trailer trash or on white trash or any other group of whom we love to see ourselves as being above.

We wear cool sunshades to see neighborhoods with shades of pink and yellows.

And when if ever we invite some of these people into our homes, we are afraid they will case it out in order to find items to steal.

If we are at their homes, which would be rare unless we are investigating for the government as a social worker we: make sure to sit on their sofas only just a little for we don’t want their dirt and grime to rub off on us.

We are the ‘we’ group here and they are the ‘they’ group.  We are there only as  saviors in order to show or teach them how to live. Isn’t that so very cool?

We get to go into their communities as the good people to solve their problem and to use ourselves as mentors for THEM to live.

And when they come to our churches, we just know they must return to their rat infested houses.  WE just know it.

Too bad, we think: they can’t be like us.  We just know they are the cause of their poverty and lifestyle and it’s all related to a matter of ‘poor choices’.  Yeah, we hear a lot about that crap today for we are not experts in the blame game.

And yes>  rather than join them and celebrate as a connected people.  In the end, we send them out of our communities:  we sent them back out into the society and back into their rat infested homes that only the forgotten would live in.  Clearly, that is not us.


When you were young and in Love

Come on, guys.  I know you remember those days.  You were young and more or less felt you had found ‘true love’.  In those days most every waking moment was in thinking about the other person you thought was going to make life wonderful and complete.

No matter the distance or circumstances for the man.  He found a way to be with the girl of his dreams.  There was no stopping him nor nothing short in promises.  He promised it ALL the same as the girl.

The question I ask here is: How many of us have this same zeal in our Love for the Lord.  How many of us let nothing stop us in meeting with him either in prayer or in service to others?

How many of us are consumed with our thoughts on our dedication to our maker and His Son?

For when it comes to the guy–He doesn’t care how much time it takes or how much money is involved.  He’ll do ANYTHING to please the girl.

And the girl, well she doesn’t see any imperfections at the time.  That comes later.  For any shortcomings we simply overlook it and make a simple excuse.

How true is this for those of us who approach the church and our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Do we overlook faults?

Do we hold things back from our Lord, from His church?  Do we obsess the same as we do for a boy or girl?

Of course not.  We don’t.  We have grown much more conservative and now hold things back.  In particular, our passions.  Yet, our goal should be to focus on our Lord and His church—in building His church and in performing that mission we have but one objective and that is to approach it as a young child.

And as a young child we should remember how we felt:  How we did things back then when we were young and in love.

It Doesn’t Apply to Me

How many of us have read or listened to the story of the Rich Young Ruler and felt that the young man really lost a chance for happiness with our Lord?  How many also have identified that the young man was greedy, desired the affection of his lady friend and wasn’t dedicated to the Lord?

Naturally, I feel the same.

However, as much as we hold this young man in contempt for holding on to his possessions, why do we also continue to do what we do?  Have we changed as a result of the story?  Do we feel this only applies to those who are exceeding rich and thus, not us?

Sure, remember the young guy said he had followed and obeyed all the commandments from his young as a good guy.  Now, you and I know that to really do this would be impossible, but that wasn’t even the issue with Jesus.  Jesus didn’t challenge him on that level.

Quite simply he told him to go and sell all he had and divide it among the poor of which you and I know that the young man failed to do.

And so it also is with us.  We will fail to do it too and are in the same category as the rich young ruler.  We like to gloat at him for his failings, but spare ourselves.  After all, we all know it doesn’t apply to us.

The Curse of the Blessing

Carol was a straight A student, a junior at high school and was beautiful. On junior-senior prom night, her proud father handed Carol the keys to her brand new car.  It was his gift to her for her accomplishments in school.

That night while returning from the prom, Carol lost control of her vehicle, landed in a ditch and finally rested after crashing into a tree.

The first time I met her was in her senior year at the beginning of school.  She arrived at school lying prone, yet face up and was extremely tearful and bitter.  This bright, beautiful young lady was paralyzed from the neck now and probably would be for life.

At the moment, she didn’t see any real reason for living and felt all her remaining days would be dark.  At age 18 it was difficult to counter anything she said.

Her problems, as she related the story all began with the ‘Blessing’ of the car from her dad.

This curse changed her entire life and now she felt if she had the choice, she’d reverse her prior longing for the gift that meant so much to her when she received it.  Her life was ruined and Carol reminds all of us not to instruct God on what it is that we really need.  At times, those items we believe are a blessing are really nothing but the worst curse from hell.  Trust God to know the difference.


Even in Disasters the Homeless are Separated.


There is nothing like separating people for their own good.  During hurricanes, take comfort, knowing that you will not be placed within the same groups as those nasty homeless people.

Who would’ve thought that this would ever be an issue?  Apparently others have the foresight to remedy problems prior to their occurrence. St. Augustine, Fl should be ashamed for apparently they not only have the Ye Oldest school house, etc., but also the Ye Oldest Prejudice.

He Knew Who She Was (and it wasn’t good)

John stood in line along with the other dozen or so boys for this sexual encounter.  Insomuch he was more or less reluctant to enjoin in this debauchery with the girl, he went.  After all, a chance for sex cannot be passed up.  Besides, it was cheap: only $10.  He simply had to wait his turn.

Thus, while killing time, he sucked on a bottle of Old Crow and waited his turn.

About 45 minutes later, it came his turn.  He stepped into the room and was quick to undress: ready to seal his fate for the night.

Finally, as he approached the bed, a small night light revealed the girl who was to entertain him.  And no, he couldn’t take it.  He trembled with fear and surprise and shock. All he could really do was race out of the room, out of the house and race for home even though he was still naked.

He knew the girl alright and that was not what he was expecting  He knew all those other boys were  going to take her, but that is not what was bothering him.  And no, it wasn’t that she was guilty or anything like that, but he knew her.  And knew that it was his SISTER.


The Power of Jesus’ Introduction

In those moments when we curse life and curse the world and others:  When we think we are so big and bad and awful and fearless we should reintroduce ourselves to our Lord and Master Jesus.

5“Jesus of Nazareth,” they answered. Jesus said, “I am He.” And Judas His betrayer was standing there with them. 6When Jesus said, “I am He,” they drew backand fell to the ground. 7So He asked them again, “Who are you looking for?” “Jesus of Nazareth,” they answered.…

I can envision these soldiers right now:  Here they are:  they are marching into the garden to arrest Jesus.  These guys are seasoned, hard-core men with fighting spirits.  Naturally with Jesus they are expecting a really large ferocious dude who might be difficult to overpower.  More than likely they expected a fight.  A bloody one at that.

Yet, when these guys come upon our Lord, they are flattened to the ground with nothing more than the sheer awesomeness of Jesus.  That was His power.  Jesus’ humility was enough alone to push back a team of mules as if they were nothing.

The same is true for you and me.  Whenever we are as bold to man as we may erroneously believe, then we should know that by our false feelings of power that we are nowhere near Jesus. For if we were near the Spirit of our Lord, Jesus, His power would overwhelm us simply by His presence. Truly we are no different than the soldiers and would be taken aback, flatten to the ground the same as them.

When You Are Stomped Down and Beaten

Don’t you just love it when the entire world is coming down on you and your friends attempt to encourage you…

“Just hang in there.  You’ll make it.”

“I know that you can make it.  I believe in you.”

“This is all for the better.”

Okay, now.  Not to discredit those who wish us well and attempt to encourage us, the fact is all this advice SUCKS!  It is to no avail and is otherwise BS

Try to tell someone like Jesus that while he is hanging up there that it is all okay.

Tell someone who just lost their mother or father or brother or child, that it’s all fine and dandy.

No.  It’s not fine and dandy.  It hurts and it hurts deep and the pain hurts beyond anything anyone can describe, and no…no words are comforting in those situations and times.

During those times, it is incumbent on us to simply shut up and be there with our friends and brothers and sisters in Christ.

No, everything is not going to be alright.  Things are horrible.  They are terrible and will grow worse and no pep talk given will assist or alleviate the effects.

So then:  when you are stomped down and beaten, yes:  You cling to Christ.  You Cling to Christ knowing that he understands all your indescribable pain. There is no sugar coating it.  Some things are just flat out horrible and beyond comprehension to man. And in times such as these, it is more than fitting for people like you and I to simply remain silent.

Missing the Good Stuff

At first I hadn’t noticed the two beggars standing outside the parking lot at Burger King.  After all, I don’t look for homeless people. All I was doing was attempting to get my burgers during my short lunch break prior to racing back to work.

Burger King was busy so I had to wait for my order and during the wait I noticed the two bums weren’t attracting anyone to their solicitations.  In fact, all who approached the men immediately turned away in avoidance.

No wonder they were being avoided for they were haggard.  They were dirty and mangy and unkempt.  They looked like they hadn’t had a bath in months.  One had only two or three broken teeth with matted yellow pus looking eyes that hinted of jaundice.  The other beggar was a slightly bent over fellow who possessed a halting limp.  He’d drag one foot as he pushed off on another.  However, the commonality of the two of them was that they were disgusting.

“I think we’ve investigated this place enough.” One beggar said to the other.

“We’ll send our report directly to Michael.  The Christians in this area are NOT receptive.”

The beggar with broken teeth shook his head.  “Too bad.  All the other angels were really counting on this group.  It’s a shame our news will reflect such opposition.”

And with a few moments, the two beggars vanished, ascending into the Heavens with their report.

The Social Convenience of Abortion

The Girl’s name was Mary.  Her child’s name was to be Jesus, but due to her convenience and social right, she aborted our savior. Oh, but we say this didn’t happen: Jesus lived. And this is all true but not in this modern age if it were to happen now.

In fact, this so called right is so much that you and I are lucky we are here: that we are alive.

But eventually, due to social convenience: you and I because of health care costs and many other reasons are justified as being useless and should be aborted.

It is only a matter of time.  The time is shorter for me due to my age, but of course, social convenience is above my interests to live.

God formed and fashioned me, but to those of social convenience they speak of my demise as their right.

Sooner or later it will come to you as well.  There will be a time when you are no longer wanted or needed.

To that effect, I am glad that Jesus made it here to earth at all.  Thank God our Father made sure that His son made it here in spite of Social Convenience.