No Success Like Failure

For those of us who introspect our life, there are times when it seems nothing we have ever done was done in a big way.  Sure enough, we examine our life and see small trivialities as measures of success.

This is true until we look at greats such as Moses.  Here he was a murderer and an outcast even in his eighties.  Jonah was no big winner by any standards, and of course, we have a shepherd boy.  Not a failure, but not any type of big success by any standards of the day.  In fact, in the sight of man he was a no body.

We can look at Hosea.  Witness his wife a harlot, yet Hosea served the purpose of God.  Even John the Baptist wasn’t exactly known for a mega church and witness his demise. However, most of us would see him as a GREAT.

And so it is with us:  by success, it should be measured as suck-cess.  For in most things we suck.

Out of all of this, it seems God does ask us to obey without looking at the consequences.  God is the author of his own works, not us.  Who is to say how small or how large we are.

And when we find ourselves fighting those battles without forward momentum, then whose job is it for it to work?

It would seem that we don’t ask the world if what we do is worthwhile; we are only to turn to Jesus.  His word on our deeds is sufficient. And it is even more true when it looks like a complete and total failure.


5 thoughts on “No Success Like Failure

    1. I actually was feeling much the same. I left out how Abraham was a liar and God used him. In fact, he lied twice. This doesn’t say much about Jacob who was also a liar and to top it off, messed up his leg. I guess pride might have had something to do with it. Gideon was no real winner either. We have a host of broken vessels. I’d say we probably not doing that bad.


  1. Brother, I commented on your comment (?) concerning When Numbers Don’t Count! I should have saved my second comment to you for this post!! As Agent X said, this WAS definitely encouraging (okay to paraphrase him). As with the post, when Numbers Don’t Count, it was timely and again I have to reiterate that the Holy Spirit knows who needs what words and when. I needed these words and I guess, the Lord knew I wasn’t the only one!
    God bless, sincerely from the heart!!

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