The Filth of Jesus: Agent X calls the shots

You get a knock on your door at 2:00 AM in the morning.  There standing in front of you is a man who has walked many miles.  His clothes are old, tattered and dirty.  He smells and smells badly as perspiration has covered his body in the humid, hot heat.

That man is Jesus but we don’t see Jesus.  What we see is a dirty rotten bum begging at our door.

He is homeless and we are afraid.  He smells and is not part of us.  God, spare us from this intrusion.

My friend, Jesus is that MAN!  He is that man that you rejected and reject and keep from intruding into your life.  He is that man who comes knocking to you and what do you do.  You push him out and you kill him.

But of course, we would never do that.  And of course, we do it every day.  We push our Lord back out into the streets and blame him for not having a home.  We push Him out because we can’t even stand His stench.

Agent X preaches this and you reject it.  Agent X leads you to the doorway of Jesus and what do you do?  You reject Him because He is too dirty. Jesus stinks.  He is dirty and grubby and does not fit into our society.  He drinks and hangs around those who are bad.  The undesirables.

And it was the same then as it is now.  Nothing has changed except it is WE who reject him—those who call ourselves Christians.

Truly, we are the sons of the Devil for we do the same as in the days of ole.  Greater judgment will fall on us because we know better.  I say, we should answer that knock on the door and always, always look for our savior, Jesus.


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