The Social Convenience of Abortion

The Girl’s name was Mary.  Her child’s name was to be Jesus, but due to her convenience and social right, she aborted our savior. Oh, but we say this didn’t happen: Jesus lived. And this is all true but not in this modern age if it were to happen now.

In fact, this so called right is so much that you and I are lucky we are here: that we are alive.

But eventually, due to social convenience: you and I because of health care costs and many other reasons are justified as being useless and should be aborted.

It is only a matter of time.  The time is shorter for me due to my age, but of course, social convenience is above my interests to live.

God formed and fashioned me, but to those of social convenience they speak of my demise as their right.

Sooner or later it will come to you as well.  There will be a time when you are no longer wanted or needed.

To that effect, I am glad that Jesus made it here to earth at all.  Thank God our Father made sure that His son made it here in spite of Social Convenience.


2 thoughts on “The Social Convenience of Abortion

  1. I have had for a long time the concern that because of the way human life is devalued to the point that it can be ended/aborted before birth, that a time will come when there will also be what I term “Postpartum Abortion”–it removal of an inconvenient life that cannot be considered useful by society”–meaning ‘old folks’ like us! Great words!

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