Go Back to your Rat Infested Houses

The statement above more or less lays it out in how some people see the lower class of society.  When images of our neighborhood on the other side of the tracks come up, we think of:

Rats, roaches, filth, litter, crime, drugs, lewd and loud music: malted beer and many people of color.

And when we don’t think of them we might zero in on trailer trash or on white trash or any other group of whom we love to see ourselves as being above.

We wear cool sunshades to see neighborhoods with shades of pink and yellows.

And when if ever we invite some of these people into our homes, we are afraid they will case it out in order to find items to steal.

If we are at their homes, which would be rare unless we are investigating for the government as a social worker we: make sure to sit on their sofas only just a little for we don’t want their dirt and grime to rub off on us.

We are the ‘we’ group here and they are the ‘they’ group.  We are there only as  saviors in order to show or teach them how to live. Isn’t that so very cool?

We get to go into their communities as the good people to solve their problem and to use ourselves as mentors for THEM to live.

And when they come to our churches, we just know they must return to their rat infested houses.  WE just know it.

Too bad, we think: they can’t be like us.  We just know they are the cause of their poverty and lifestyle and it’s all related to a matter of ‘poor choices’.  Yeah, we hear a lot about that crap today for we are not experts in the blame game.

And yes>  rather than join them and celebrate as a connected people.  In the end, we send them out of our communities:  we sent them back out into the society and back into their rat infested homes that only the forgotten would live in.  Clearly, that is not us.


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